Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

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EMSEAL Joint Systems, Ltd.
25 Bridle Lane
Westborough, MA 01581-2603
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EMSEAL Regional Manager | Inside Tech

EMSEAL Joint Systems, Ltd.

Bashar Moussallieh

International Sales Director

Email: basharm@emseal.com

Phone: 508-599-3207

Cell: (US) 508-330-6497, (Canada)416-877-8821

Fax: 508-836-0281

Website: www.emseal.com

Skype: bashar.moussallieh1

Address (Directions)
25 Bridle Lane
Westborough MA 01581
United States

Independent Manufacturer's Rep

Wilber Vasquez Alanes

Architect Specialist in Pathological Designs

Phone: +591 72237777

Address (Directions)

Guy Israel Jean Baptiste Sahonero

Structural and Architectural Design

Phone: +591 76626613

Address (Directions)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Miguel Ángel Barrón Morón

Special Design Architect

Phone: +591 72889312

Address (Directions)
Chuquisaca, Sucre

Jose Carlos Andrade Gutierrez

Pathologist in Buildings

Email: arqjosecarlos@gmail.com

Cell: +591 76414360

Address (Directions)

Distributors For Architectural Foam Sealants


Ing. Julio Cesar Zeballos C.

Email: jczcanelas@gmail.com

Phone: +591 766-63695

Fax: (+591-3) 341-4177 - 345-3090

Website: www.importacruz.com

Address (Directions)
Oficina Central
Av. Beni #4600 entre 4to y 5to anillo
Santa Cruz, Bolivia