Sika/Emseal Sole Source Traffic Deck Waterproofing and Expansion Joints

Deck Coating & Expansion Joint Warranty–Sika/Emseal

Traffic bearing deck coatings and expansion joints share a unique bond. They are both essential elements of  parking deck preservation and restoration. The unique synergies of Emseal and Sika are evident in the offering to property owners of a single source, comprehensive deck coating and expansion joint warranty.

We are pleased to announce a new warranty offering for the US market that combines Sikalastic DeckPro and Emseal Expansion Joint systems under a Sole Source Warranty.

The warranty is available for projects in the US market for details combining Sikalastic DeckPro traffic-bearing deck coatings and various of Emseal’s horizontal expansion joint systems.  These combinations are supported by our testing to ensure a coordinated system that works. When installed in accordance with our product and installation data and details we are now able to offer this Sole Source Warranty for the system.

This system offers the following advantages:
1. Traffic membrane and expansion joint supplied and backed by a single manufacturer.
2. Backed by a manufacturer in business for over 100 years.
3. Tested and proven details to ensure the system will work.
4. Local representatives available to work with local contractors.

Click here for downloadable .dwg and .pdf files.

[insert the following into specification for Expansion Joints and Traffic-Bearing Deck Coating]

Expansion joints and traffic bearing deck coating to be supplied by a single manufacturer and warranted under a sole-source warranty covering both the expansion joint(s) and deck coating. System to be [select one or more systems for appropriate application(s): DSM System, DFR System, SJS, SJS-FR, Thermaflex TM or TCR, Horizontal Colorseal] from Emseal and [Sikalastic DeckPro __] from Sika Corporation.

A sample warranty is available for your review from your local Emseal or Sika contact. Or use the “Sample Request” link from the Product Literature dropdown on this page to make a request. We’ll be sure to be in touch promptly.

Deck Coating & Expansion Joint Warranty–Sika/Emseal