Liquid applied roofing and waterproofing membrane - Sikalastic RoofPro liquid membrane coating single source building envelope solution

Liquid Applied Roofing/Waterproofing & Expansion Joint Warranty – Sika LAM/Emseal

Liquid applied roofing & waterproofing membranes require a waterproof integration into the structural expansion joint seals. These tie-ins are a crucial component in creating a watertight and insulated building envelope. A comprehensive warranty from a single source that covers both the liquid applied roofing & waterproofing membrane and expansion joint is now available from Sika.

Sikalastic® LAM and Sika Emseal® are excited to announce that when Emseal’s RoofJoint product is used in conjunction with Sikalastic® RoofPro roofing & waterproofing systems, Sika can provide a single-source, full-system warranty for up to 20 years.

Emseal’s RoofJoint is a dual-seal, double-flanged, extruded thermoplastic (nitrile PVC alloy) roof expansion joint system that easily accommodates joint gap movement and provides redundant levels of integration with Sikalastic RoofPro roofing & waterproofing systems. RoofJoint also addresses specific detailing conditions to ensure continuity of seal, such as tees, crosses, parapet details, and roof to wall transitions. All connections in Roofjoint components are welded and reinforced to ensure watertight integrity.

Roofjoint is marketed and sold through Sika Emseal sales channels. Emseal will provide the necessary support to the designer as well as to Sikalastic® RoofPro authorized applicators that install it. Emseal RoofJoint product data sheet and installation guidelines provide specifics.

Liquid applied roofing & waterproofing membranes provide superior conformability and customization for an easy application of roofing /waterproofing systems and complicated details with little to no waste. In conjunction with Emseal roof expansion joint systems, all transition and terminations details are designed and validated up-front to eliminate waste and allow for a streamlined installation.

With this comprehensive warranty, specifiers and designers can have peace of mind knowing they have things covered on behalf of their property owner clients. Liquid waterproof roof assemblies have just received the missing piece to worry-free performance.

Liquid Applied Roofing/Waterproofing & Expansion Joint Warranty – Sika LAM/Emseal


  • The highest quality, watertight tie-in to Sikalastic® RoofPro liquid applied roofing & waterproofing systems
  • Easily adjusts to complex details with fluid applied membrane and factory fabricated transitions and terminations
  • Sikalastic® RoofPro and RoofJoint are suitable for application onto most substrates
  • Early rain resistance and waterproof shortly after application
  • Seamless integration with one consistent layer and no joints or seams
  • Direct bond to the substrate with fully adhered liquid membrane preventing water migration
  • Redundant sealing across the joint opening
  • Allows drainage across the joint opening
  • Redundant dual-level roof-membrane integration
  • Extremely robust – RoofJoint is two layers, each 120 mils thick, for performance and longevity
  • Redundant fastening—adhesion & mechanical termination bar
  • Factory heat welded transitions at tees, crosses, angles, roof-to-wall details, parapet wall details, etc.
  • Watertight transition to Seismic Colorseal wall joints using RoofJoint Closures
  • Uniquely addresses wall joint to roof joint interface
  • Continuity of seal through transitions
  • High movement


  • Flat roofs
  • Low and steep sloped roofs
  • Uniquely shaped roofs
  • Liquid applied adhesion
  • Roof to wall details
  • Roof to wall expansion joint transitions

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