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Integrated Expansion Joint & Building Enclosure Solutions

Sika Emseal

Building Expansion Joints and Sealants

Expansion joints and sealants for buildings. Waterproof, fire rated, trafficable, sound attenuating, insulating, air, wind, seismic, and watertight, building expansion joints and precompressed hybrid sealants. A Sika Company.

Using Revit BIM, CAD and Sika Emseal’s collaborative 3-D expansion joint design methodology taught in our AIA-registered seminars, and regularly broadcast online, or just for your firm, it is now possible for designers and contractors to wrap the entire building envelope, as well as ensure that life-safety is addressed, by specifying and installing expansion joint systems that transition into one another and are warranted for continuity of seal between like or dissimilar technologies.

EMSEAL Sika Expansion Joint Headquarters

Sika Emseal contributes to the preservation, durability, and sustainability of the built environment. We do so by supplying lasting structural expansion joint and construction sealant products that work. Our success is driven by a highly trained, motivated, empowered, rewarded, talented, and personable team. Working in a supported and collaborative environment, we are dedicated to delivering the most effective and innovative products and solutions to the architects, engineers, builders, and owners of iconic structures worldwide. Sika Emseal is a great place to work and we encourage you to share your talents, curiosity, drive, desire to learn and grow, and interests with us.

Stadium expansion joints by EMSEAL. SJS System at Jets/Giants New Meadowlands Metlife Stadium

Seismic, stadium expansion joints from Sika Emseal have endured the footfall of hundreds of thousands of fans over the last 10 years at the new Meadowlands (MetLife Stadium)–the iconic home to both the NY Giants and NY Jets. Take a look at the comprehensive installation that keeps this NFL stadium watertight and able to handle the demands of pedestrian and operational traffic.