EMSEAL – Sealing the Gaps in the Building Envelope

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EMSEAL supplies expansion joints and sealants specifically manufactured to seal the gaps in the building envelope. They offer watertight, thermal insulating, acoustic and fire-rated solutions from the bottom to the top of any architectural design. These are high-quality, innovative and durable products for use in sealing and bridging small and large building component and structural joints in foundations, decks, walls, windows, floors, roofs as well as roadways and bridges. EMSEAL sealant products are designed to maintain continuity of seal which is often compromised by other technologies unable to handle changes in plane, direction, or where dissimilar joint materials meet. This interactive illustration shows some of our many watertight and fire-rated solutions for conditions which occur in new or retrofit work in commercial and office buildings, parking structures, plaza decks, below grade foundations, stadiums and other construction. Additional applications can be found here.