Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Color Selection

Sika Emseal offers coated foam products in a variety of colors. We continue to add standard colors.
Please consult Emseal for an update on specific color availability and options.

Sealant Bellows Color Choices

When your aesthetic design calls for color coordinating the visible face of the expansion joint with the surrounding substrate surface–Sika Emseal offers the solution. A wide range of colors are available for many of Emseal’s sealant-coated products (Colorseal/Seismic ColorsealHorizontal Colorseal, Seismic Colorseal-DS, Emshield WFR1, Emshield WFR2, Emseal WFR3 and QuietJoint).

Sikasil® WS-295 is the standard silicone choice for Sika Emseal expansion joints.  
Additionally, optional silicone colors are available from Dowsil™ 790. For low and non-moving applications, SikaHyflex®-150 LM Limestone can be used as a paintable coating option.
Note: Production times are based on the availability of sealants – consult Emseal.

Click to download color chart PDF (below)

IMPORTANT: All colors depicted here are approximate. Actual colors will vary depending on the quality of the screen on which you are viewing this chart.  Contact EMSEAL for actual sealant-applied color charts. When specifying or ordering, please remember to state explicitly both the sealant manufacturer’s name and the color. (e.g. “Sikasil WS-295 Limestone”). If the sealant manufacturer is not specified, the standard Sikasil WS-295 color will be used on similar names. 


Custom Colors Programs

Here’s more information on our custom colors programs.

When the expansion joint system is dual sided, Seismic Colorseal DS and EMSHIELD WFR2, each side is offered as a separate color choice. (For example, WFR2 can be manufactured with a Quarry Red face showing toward the building’s exterior and a sandstone face showing toward the interior.) The same applies to Universal-90 transitions which can have separate colors for the inside and outside faces.

Emshield DFR3, SecuritySeal SSF3

3-hour fire-rated Emshield DFR3 and SecuritySeal SSF3 are manufactured with a sealant coating on the top side. The standard coating on the traffic or floor side is coated with Sikasil® WS-295 Deck Gray. The underside is coated with a flexible intumescent coating which is Red.

The underside can additionally be overcoated with any of the sealant colors selected from the above color charts.



Emshield WFR3

3-hour fire-rated Emshield WFR3 for wall expansion joints are manufactured with a sealant coating on both sides, applied over a flexible intumescent coating. The outer sealant coatings can be from the same color or can be different colors on each face.

Examples of COLORSEAL Color Coordination

Color Selection Guide: Gray and Rustic Brick
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Color Selection Guide: Gray and Precast White
Color Selection Guide: Rustic Brick
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