Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Custom Silicone Bellows Color Choices

EMSEAL’s silicone coated products can be manufactured from custom-colored silicone already being used elsewhere on your project.

Custom color silicone must be provided by customer and shipped to our Toronto factory for use in manufacturing the EMSEAL product.

Here’s how it works:

  • The waterproofing subcontractor has ordered the custom silicone in cartridges, sausages, or pails from the silicone manufacturer.
  • The contractor tells EMSEAL the product, size, and quantity of EMSEAL material required.
  • We calculate the number of cartridges or sausages of silicone needed to produce the order.
  • From the silicone they have received, the subcontractor ships the material to our plant.
  • EMSEAL manufactures the Colorseal/Seismic Colorseal,  Horizontal Colorseal, Double-Sided Colorseal, Emshield WFR2, Emshield WFR3, and QuietJoint  product desired and ships it to the contractor for installation.
  • The contractor uses the matching material already on site for the field application of silicone to join lengths of the EMSEAL product and for injection of the substrate sealing bands and corner beads.
  • Silicones tested for suitability as a bellows on our coated products include:
    • Sikasil WS-295
    • Pecora 890NST
    • DOWSIL 790, DOWSIL 795
    • GE (Momentive) Silpruf

(for manufacturers not listed–Consult EMSEAL)

For more information call the Tech Team now or see below for more information.

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From the custom, silicone material selected and being supplied for your project and shipped to us for coating a product to match your field-tooled joints.