Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL


Fire-Rated, Watertight, Seismic and Large-Gap Deck Expansion Joint System For Plaza, Split-Slabs, Stadium Concourses, etc.

The SJS-FP-FR System is designed to provide a watertight, trafficable joint system in large 4-inch (100mm) and larger joint openings, in decks of split-slab design. SJS-FP-FR is a fire-rated system that expands the use of the SJS System to waterproofed split-slab deck designs through the use of structural-slab mounted supporting legs with integral waterproofing side sheets that integrate with the deck waterproofing membrane.

As with the SJS System and the SJS-FP systems, it is designed for larger trafficable joints, often found in seismic applications. The aluminum (or stainless steel) coverplate provides a durable and high-load bearing surface. The SJS is constructed from two horizontal joints pre-assembled in parallel adjacent to a heavy-duty extruded aluminum spline. The spline acts as a receptor for attaching the surface-mounted traffic plates that bear vehicle and other loads. The result is a system that offers features and benefits not found in alternative products intended for large, horizontal structural joint gaps.


Fire-Rated, Watertight, Seismic and Large-Gap Deck Expansion Joint System For Plaza, Split-Slabs, Stadium Concourses, etc.


  • Built-in fire-rating up to 2 hours
  • UL 2079 certified
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119
    and ASTM E1399
  • Watertight–side flashing sheets integrate with buried deck waterproofing
  • No fire blankets or gutters needed
  • Traffic durable
  • ADA Compliant
  • Sound dampening
  • No invasive cover plate anchors
  • Installs entirely from deck or floor above
  • No utility lifts or holding labor required
  • No obstructions at columns or under-slab obstructions from HVAC, electrical, plumbing or mechanical materials
  • Self-locating plate anchors
  • Installs in new or retrofit conditions


  • 4″ to 10″ (100 – 250mm)
  • Note: can be used to straddle joints 1-inch (25mm) and larger-consult EMSEAL

Product Depth

  • Foam/spline assembly is 6-inches (150mm) deep. Finished depth will depend on FP leg height.


Up to 100% Total (+50% and -50% of nominal supplied size.)


  • Standard cover plate is aluminum with ADA-compliant, sand-blasted finish. Stainless steel also available.
  • Other finishes by request (contact EMSEAL)


  • Fire-rated plaza decks
  • Fire-rated podium decks
  • Fire-rated, split-slab decks
  • Fire-rated, split-slab parking decks
  • Fire-rated, split-slab seismic joints
  • Fire-rated, split-slab stadium concourses
  • Fire-rated, split-slab airport roadways
  • Mall bridge connectors
  • For eliminating leaks over fire-rated occupied spaces

U.S. Patents

8,813,450 C1
8,813,449 C1

Watertight — Emseal FP (For Plaza) systems are purpose-designed to provide watertight joint sealing and watertight integration with the buried deck waterproofing membrane. The Emshield DFR material is installed between the faces of the FP retainer legs with the silicone bellows facing the weather to ensure watertightness in the joint gap. A field-applied sealant band of supplied silicone at the bellows to substrate interface seals substrate irregularities and completes the installation.

UL/ULC Fire-Rated — Tested in accordance with the cycling and fire endurance requirements of UL-2079, listed by UL, and manufactured under UL’s Follow Up Service ensuring that what is shipped is the same as what was tested.

Sound Attenuation — Joints sealed with EMSEAL impregnated foam sealants offer exceptional acoustic dampening and feature STC/OITC sound transmission coefficients that can meet or exceed that of the assembly into which they are installed.

Emshield fire rated expansion joint sealants features factory-applied, high-grade silicone upper and lower sealing surfaces adhered to a fire-retardant impregnated foam backing. The resulting composite is factory compressed to less than its nominal size for installation into structural or other openings.

The material is installed into epoxy adhesive field-applied to the joint faces.  A field-injected silicone sealant band fills substrate voids and seals the bellows to the substrate. Joins between each stick are executed using a field-applied silicone sealant band at the face of the join and an intumescent sealant coating over the remaining foam at the adjoining faces.

Emshield is capable of +50% and -50% movement for nominal material up to 4” (100mm) for vehicular and pedestrian trafficked conditions and in walls up to 6″ (150mm). For applications in larger deck or floor joints (3-inches and above) where full extension movement and high point load, small-diameter-wheel conditions (shopping cart, luggage carts, etc.), designer should consider use of an interior joint system or cover plate over the Emshield or instead specify the SJS-FR system.

This material has been tested to UL/ULC 2079 and is manufactured under UL’s Follow-Up Service. The material is being supplied as a fire-rated component of a wall or floor assembly. It has been tested in assemblies depicted in EMSEAL’s various listings in the UL Online Certifications Directory. Use of this material in assembly configurations other than depicted in the named UL listings will not encumber or lower the resistance of the deck or wall assembly but is done so at the designers’ discretion and responsibility for designing substrates as part of a fire rated assembly that meet applicable standards for the project. Similarly, the published information in the UL Listings cannot always address every construction nuance encountered in the field. Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted in all cases as to the particular requirements covering the installation and use of UL Listed or Classified products or materials. Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted before construction to ensure that specific adjacent substrates and assemblies are detailed and constructed to meet local fire-rating requirements.

(US Patent 9,200,437; 9,637,915)

  • Universal-90’s (or U-90’s) are factory-made 90-degree transition pieces that ensure continuity-of-seal and fire protection where expansion joints change plane.
  • Use of U-90’s eliminates the field work needed to make plane changes making overall installation fast and efficient.
  • Watertightness through the plane change is guaranteed–leaving nothing to chance in field-fabricating inside and outside transitions.
  • U-90 transitions are symmetrically coated on both faces allowing them to be installed as an inside corner or as an outside corner.
  • Straight-run sticks are joined in the field to the U-90’s.
  • U-90’s have a 12-inch (305mm) long leg and a 6-inch (152mm) vertical piece on each side of the elbow.

(US Patent 10,570,611)

  • Custom-90’s are available when field conditions and measurements are known up front.
  • Custom-90’s are widely used in stadium tread and riser applications or other applications where numerous inside and outside 90-degree transitions are required. Consult EMSEAL.

Emshield products have been tested and certified under UL 2079 and meet the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399.  UL 2079, like ASTM E1966, was developed to encompass the fire testing of ASTM E119 and the movement cycling regime of ASTM E1399.

Designers should require UL 2079 testing and Follow-Up Service certification as the basis of specification of any fire barrier system. Only with UL’s Follow-Up Service can the designer be sure that the product being shipped has been independently audited to have been manufactured in the same manner to the material that was tested.

Where UL tested listings do not meet your specific project conditions ask EMSEAL for an engineered judgment. Engineered Judgments are based on our actual UL 2079 test data extrapolated using Finite Element Analysis modeling.

Emshield products have additionally been tested to ASTM-E283, E-330, and E-331 at levels to prove resistance to hurricane-force wind and rain.

See UL/ULC Listings for SJS-FP-FR2

Where UL tested listings do not meet your specific project conditions ask EMSEAL for an engineered judgement.

  • As with any construction product, the useful life of the material can be maximized with routine inspection and repair if required.
  • Clearing of surface debris and inspection will reveal any damage to the product or adjacent substrates that might affect building performance.
  • Repair, if necessary of the system can be accomplished by removing the cover plates and without removing the FP capping strips–requiring only damaged sections of the foam-and-spline-assembly to be removed and reinstalled–not the entire length of the joint as is typical of extruded-seal systems. Consult EMSEAL to discuss specific conditions.
  • In installations subject to snow removal, the detail for recessing the system to flush with the deck should be used. Consult EMSEAL. For guidance on appropriate snow removal practice click here.
  • Available for shipment internationally.
  • Prices are available from local distributors or representatives and/or directly from the manufacturer.
  • The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any product without prior notice.

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