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Colourseal VHE CE

CE marked movement joint

A CE marked, EN-1366-4 tested, movement joint, Colourseal-VHE (Vertical Horizontal Europe) is a double-sided silicone-faced movement joint for European and other markets requiring CE marking.  It is not available in North America. Certified by European Technical Assessment (ETA), Colourseal-VHE provides a water and air seal with 100% movement capability, thermal insulation, UV stability, and colour coordination with vertical or horizontal substrates. It performs these functions without invasive metal anchoring or complex field fabricated assemblies. In contrast to liquid-applied mastic sealants, Colourseal-VHE is free of tensile stresses at the substrate bond line. Colourseal-VHE provides a cost effective, long term watertight seal.

Colourseal-VHE combines a factory applied, low modulus silicone with an open cell polyurethane foam infused with a water-based, fire-retardant, acrylic dispersion. The coloured silicone facing is factory adhered to the infused foam on two sides at a width greater than the maximum anticipated joint extension, and is then cured. When compressed, the silicone facing forms a bellows profile capable of accommodating +/-50% (total 100%) movement from the product’s nominal size. The bellows fold, and unfold during movement virtually free of tensile stresses.

Colourseal-VHE is supplied precompressed to slightly less than its nominal size for ease of installation. To install sticks, clean the substrate walls, apply supplied epoxy adhesive to the substrates. After removing packing materials insert the Colourseal-VHE into the joint. After the Colourseal-VHE has expanded to fill the joint space and is adhered to the substrates, a field-applied silicone corner bead ensures a watertight seal at the substrate interface.

Colourseal VHE CE

CE marked movement joint


  • CE-marked, EN-1366-4 tested movement joint for European and other global markets (not available in North America)
  • Testing conducted by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment)-France
  • +/-50% Movement Capability
  • Watertight seal
  • UV Resistant
  • Traffic-grade silicone surface
  • Eliminates Tensile Stresses at bond line
  • Very fast and simple installation
  • No invasive anchoring
  • No complex field assemblies
  • Available in industry-standard colours
  • Supplied precompressed to less than nominal size
  • Coated on two sides (opposing exposed surfaces)


12mm – 200mm (1/2″ to 8″)

Note: Sizes under 40mm (1 1/2″) are manufactured with a single bellows surface on both faces. Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows. All sizes are supplied as 2M (6.56′) long lengths or ‘sticks’.


Total 100% (+50% and -50%) of nominal supplied size.


CE Marking – Certificate and European Technical Assessment

0679CPR1286 Certificate of the constancy of the performance of the product
ETA 19/0222 European Technical Assessment of 12th August 2019

See EMSEAL CE Marking and ETA on CSTB Website


  • Wide Range of Sizes – For all joints from 12mm (1/2”) to 200mm (8”) in vertical or horizontal applications.
  • Trafficable – For use in pedestrian or vehicular traffic applications.
  • Smoke Seal
  • Fire Resistance – 90-minute for vertical applications (EI90); 45 minutes for horizontal applications (EI45).
  • Substrates – masonry, precast concrete, brick, natural stone, metals, and most other substrates.
  • Inside Corners – Colourseal-VHE is uniquely suited to filling expansion joints at additions and particularly at inside corners.
    “Rubber-and-rail” alternatives cannot be properly installed at inside corners due to lack of access for drilling equipment.
    Colourseal-VHE uses no invasive anchoring and can be readily installed without violation of the substrates.
  • Transitions from Vertical joints to Horizontal joints – Transitions from vertical to horizontal-plane joints in parapets,
    walls, split columns, etc. are critical to watertightness and can be properly addressed using Colourseal-VHE. Transitions into other products by EMSEAL for waterproofing joints in decks, as well as into roof-joints, etc., are readily possible — consult EMSEAL.
  • Parking and Traffic – Colourseal-VHE is a traffic-grade silicone weather surface that permits it to be used in parking
    structures and locations, sidewalks, bridges and other applications where vehicles will transverse the expansion joint.
    Optional metal coverplate is available — consult EMSEAL.
  • Varying Joint Sizes, Curves, Changes in Plane and Direction – Joints vary in size due to construction tolerance buildup and because of substrate changes. Supplied to field-measurements, Colourseal-VHE accommodates joint size variations. It is pliable and can be conformed in the field to radius, and changes

CE Marking Test Results for Colourseal VHE movement joint from Emseal

CE Marked Colourseal VHE performance properties and test results - Emseal

IMPORTANT: This instruction-summary is generic. Refer to Install Data and, if applicable, to job-specific instructions of an EMSEAL technician.

  • Store at room temperature. Expansion is quicker when warm, slower when cold.
    Ensure nominal size of material matches joint size adjusted from mean temperature.
  • Mix the construction-grade epoxy and apply to clean and primed substrate faces.
    Remove shrink-wrap packaging and hardboard. Wipe factory applied release agent off silicone facing using damp, clean, lint free rag.
  • Insert material into joint with at least a 1/4” (6mm) recess.
  • Allow material to expand against other joint face. Wedge larger sizes in place while it expands.)
  • Apply thin bead of silicone sealant along edge of bellows at end where the material will join with next length.
  • At joins blend silicone into the silicone bellows to create a consistent finished appearance being sure not to restrict the folds of the bellows.
  • Once material has expanded across the joint, gun and tool fillet bead of supplied liquid silicone at the substrate-to-bellows join.

Colourseal VHE Sizing Chart for CE-marked movement joints

*For movement joint openings 90mm (3-1/2″) and greater, that are subject to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, require a metal cover plate.
**Sizes 12mm (1/2″) to 30mm (1 1/4″) built with single silicone bellow surface on both faces.

Guide specifications and CAD details are available online or by email on request.

  • Colourseal-VHE is available for shipment for the non-North America market only.
  • Prices are available from international distributors or representatives. For more information, contact EMSEAL.
  • The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any product without prior notice.