Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL


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Thank you for your tech support on my concerns during the initiation of our project!!!!!  Hope to continue working with you and your firm for a very long time.

– RG, Contractor, New York

No changes necessary. This makes my morning and I am leaving it at that. I thank you and your team very much for getting this moving as rapidly as you did! Thank you again!

– CH, Distributor, Washington

Thank you for getting back to me. This email fully answers the questions I had for you. Thanks for all the help you've been.

– ES, Structural Engineer, New York

It's all perfect.  Thank you as always for your prompt and detailed responses!!

– NH, Distributor, California

Emseal is about the biggest player in this field, with expansion joint systems that vary depending on requirements, like: surface-mounted, high-point-load, and aggressive media systems.

– Online flooring discussion board

Thanks very much for your help on this project. I also wanted to thank you and your team for getting that last one out so quickly. It showed up this afternoon and the customer was here just as quickly to pick it up. Customer is happy and looking forward to the next order!

– CH, Distributor, Washington

I would like to personally thank you for expediting the expansion joint for this building. This is huge for us. Thank you.

– JC, General Contractor, Virginia

I really appreciate you helping me out with this. I thought David was maybe exaggerating when he said you handle every problem he comes across but I see he wasn't. Thanks so much to you both.

– HS, Distributor, Florida

Dang dog you are the man. 5 minutes and you got it straight. See I knew you would work the "magic" and help the guy out.

– AB, Distributor, Virginia

Ante todo muchas gracias por la informacion suministratda por medio del chat.

– TS, Distributor, Costa Rica