Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL


What are people saying about EMSEAL?

EMSEAL is by far the best manufacturer we work with.

– JS, Applicator, Maryland

Good deal. I like the fact that you guys double check things, I wish others in the industry would do that.

– PL, Contractor, Texas

We spec'd your product on a project up in Michigan. It's been a great experience working with your technical staff.

– FW, Architect, Ohio

Love-em, love-em, love-em! I have purchased the same product and made repairs in other locations on a smaller scale in-house. Thanks for checking in.

– RH, Facility Manager, California

Your help has been invaluable and much appreciated. If I have any more questions I will make sure to contact you.

– JP, Architect, London, England

In all the years that we have been installing your material we have never had an issue with the product. The joints continue to perform long after the warranty has expired. Thanks.

– RB, Applicator, Utah

Thank you for your prompt and courteous response. After reviewing the attached letter, we will be revising our spec to use the ColorSeal product instead...

– LH, LEED AP, Architect, Connecticut

They do a great many of the expansion joints in stadiums including the renovations at Kaufmann.  They have joints for all applications and are probably the leader in parking deck and stadium type construction.

Emseal is good to work with. They are very hands-on and if they do not have a system for a unique situation they roll-up their sleeves and work one out.

– CK, Architect, Missouri