Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL


What are people saying about EMSEAL?

I can honestly say that I trust EMSEAL because of your integrity and commitment to every job we have worked on together. I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

– HL, Waterproofing and Restoration Contractor, California

Sorry I'm so late in thank you for all your help. You were so fast and thorough. It is much appreciated. Thanks.

– LW, Waterproofing and Restoration Contractor, Illinois

Your 3d drafting skills amaze me, who needs revit when we have adobe and gotomeeting. I want to thank you for all your help in reaching a feasible solution.

– AL, Architect, British Columbia

Thanks so much for your help and I am going to recommend your product to our architect. This is one of the coolest web sites I have experienced with the chat capability!!! Thanks again!!!

– HO, Applicator

You guys are GREAT. We got it today...miracle workers!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

– NH, Distributor, California

I can't thank you enough for all your help with this order.

– MB, Distributor, Rhode Island

You guys are wonderful.

– E, Waterproofing Contractor, Maryland

THANK YOU SO MUCH for contributing your expertise and skills on the project with me and assisting in so many ways.

– RG, General Contractor, New York

Emseal has such great customer service—I can always count on hearing back from you right away!

– CB, LEED, AP, Architect, New York

Thanks for the fast response.

– GR, Waterproofing Contractor, British Columbia