Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL


Interior Expansion Joint Cover for Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Soffits and Drywall

Sika Emseal now supports and sells all Wabo® Commercial Building Expansion Joints

NOTE: Wabo®CorridorWrap CEB for ceilings has been replaced by CWCA.

An interior expansion joint cover for floor, walls, and ceilings, Wabo®CorridorWrap is an aesthetic joint system with narrow sightlines that offers a choice of models, each of which consists of a variety of elastomeric seals and edge retainers. This variety provides a wide range of attachment solutions for wall, drywall, ceiling, and floor applications and permits selection of a system appropriate for the expected movement and project conditions including compliance with ADA guidelines.

CorridorWrap offers a complete selection of expansion joint solutions to wrap your interior lived environment. From floor to wall to ceiling, we ensure continuity of aesthetic with the variety of covers offered.

Narrow sightlines are achieved by utilizing recessed mounting retainers for minimal interruption of the interior finishes. The flush installation provides a smooth surface for pedestrian and rolling traffic. Surface mounted options also available for easier installation in retrofit applications.

Ultra-smooth inserts for residue-free cleaning, thus optimal sterility and physiologically safe while also providing a smooth surface for traversing the expansion joint.

Ideal for use with various types of floor, wall, and cleaning applications.

Specify Emshield® WFR and DFR for the added life safety assurance of built-in UL 2079 fire rating.


Interior Expansion Joint Cover for Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Soffits and Drywall


  • Quick installation, low profile
  • ADA compliant
  • Aesthetic continuity with floor, wall, and ceiling options
  • Load capacity: normal interior use
  • Flush insert
  • Floor-to-wall versions
  • Fire-rating available through addition of EMSHIELD® DFR and WFRConsult Sika Emseal


1″ – 3″ (25mm – 75mm)

1″ – 6″ (25mm – 150mm)

Above are mean joint sizes at mid-point of expected service temperature range


Floor = 50% Total
Wall/Ceiling = 100% Total


  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Beige
  • CWXX – CorridorWrap
  • XXCX – Ceiling
  • XXWX – Wall
  • XXFX – Floor
  • XXXA – Acoustic
  • XXXE – End/Exposed
  • XXXF – Flush
  • XXXM – Masonry
  • XXXC – Carpet
  • XXXS – Surface
  • XXXT – Tile

Model | Installation Height

CWFF = 1″ (25mm)

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  • Available for shipment internationally.
  • Prices are available from local distributors or representatives and/or directly from the manufacturer.
  • The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any product without prior notice.