Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL


EMSEAL lead times are managed under our commitment to making custom-assembled orders fast. We share with you the goal of getting the right product, in the right size, to the project in a timeframe to meet your construction schedule. We’ve expanded manufacturing to so you can be assured you’re getting industry-leading products at industry-best lead times. Lead time information is updated every day that it changes and is the same information as our Tech Team will give you on the phone.

Lead time estimates are business days to manufacture product only after receipt of a purchase order and all information enabling work to proceed. The most efficient and effective way to provide most of this information is on the EMSEAL Checklist.

Send us your PO now and we can provide a firmer lead time quote when it is entered. Otherwise, these estimates can be affected by what is on the shop floor on any given day.

All times are ex-factory manufacturing times and do not include transit time for shipping.

One-coat foam products: 7-8 business days

Colorseal/Seismic Colorseal, Colorseal-On-A-Reel, DSM System, Horizontal Colorseal, BEJS

(Submerseal 10-11 business days)

Two-coat foam products: 8-9 business days

Emshield DFR2, DFR3 or WFR2, QuietJoint SHH,
Seismic Colorseal DS, DSM-DS,  SecuritySeal SSF2 or SSW2

Multi-coat products: 9-10 business days

Emshield WFR3, QuietJoint SHG, SecuritySeal SSF3

Uncoated foam products: 4-5 business days

Backerseal, 20H System, 25V

Specialty-OEM gasketing products: 6-7 business days

AST, MST, Log Home Tape- Classic or Acrylic, RVS, UST

SJS System: Standard sizes - 12 business days. Non-stock 3 weeks.

SJS Quick-Ship: EMSEAL has implemented a stocking program for popular sizes of SJS System. We now stock material for 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8″ SJS with standard 3/8″ thick aluminum coverplates. Orders of straight runs of 200-LF or less of these sizes with standard deck-deck coverplates will usually ship within 14 business days.

For non-stock sizes, stainless plates, deck-to-wall plates or other custom configurations, lead times will vary but usually will range from 2-3 weeks.

Fire-rated SJS: 14 business days


FP (For Plaza) products: 2-3 weeks


Thermaflex winged parking deck systems:

Thermaflex straight runs with or without end terminations: 2-4 business days
With multiple factory welds: Consult EMSEAL

RoofJoint / BG System

RoofJoint or BG System straight runs with or without end terminations: 2-4 business days
With multiple factory welds: Consult EMSEAL

Interior wall and floor products

Migutrans FS Series, FN/FTN surface mounted, KF 55, KF 250, etc.

In-stock items and quantities: 2-3 business days
Special order items and quantities: Consult EMSEAL

QuickCover: 10-11 business days

Large Orders

Please note: On orders for a large quantity of sticks (100+ sticks) or orders with a lot of factory-welds and transitions, lead times may be longer than average.
Please plan accordingly or call
1-800-526-8365 (508-836-0280) for a specific quote.

EMSEAL expansion joints and sealants large orders