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Expansion Joint Transitions

Expansion Joint Transitions: Design, Specification, Manufacture, Installation

Expansion joint transitions are essential for ensuring a sealed, safe, and energy efficient building envelope.

Continuity of seal at changes in plane and direction, and between expansion joint systems, is achieved when factory-fabricated transition assemblies are specified and installed.

The image library on this page provides examples of project-specific and standard expansion joint transitions that have been supplied by EMSEAL. Our presale quality assurance process ensures that field-measured conditions are communicated through our engineering team to our plant. We then custom fabricate, reinforce, and leak test the transitions before shipping them to the jobsite.

Whenever possible, transitions are factory-welded to the ends of long lengths (up to 250-LF [76-meters]) of straight-run material. This minimizes the number of field-welded connections – saving time and reducing risk. Our Custom-Quick manufacturing process ensures lead times that suit construction schedules.

An extensive library of expansion joint CAD details, 3-D inventor files, isometric, axonometric and BIM files is available in our online expansion joint CAD Library or from our technical staff.

We teach our collaborative 3-D expansion joint design methodology in our AIA-registered seminars. These expansion joint seminars are regularly broadcast online, and are available as online webinars (and when permitted in person) just for your firm. Contact us to schedule an expansion joint seminar.

It is now possible for designers to wrap the entire building envelope, as well as ensure that life-safety is addressed, by specifying expansion joint systems from EMSEAL that tie into one another and are warranted for continuity of seal between like or dissimilar technologies.

From below grade under the foundation slab, to blind-side or freestanding foundation walls, to parking decks or plaza decks, to exterior walls and fire-rated interior floors and walls, to the roof, we have, or will custom-create the transitions you need to seal and fire-rate your building expansion joints throughout.

Anyone can make expansion joints appear watertight in cross-section. It’s at changes in plane, direction and between technologies that building expansion joints leak. With a 30-year track record to demonstrate it, EMSEAL has made watertight expansion joints through factory-fabricated transitions possible, practical, and routine. Let us know how we can help with your project.


Expansion Joint Transitions

Expansion Joint Transitions: Design, Specification, Manufacture, Installation