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Expansion joint projects–An extensive and growing global track record of expansion joint and sealant projects and satisfied customers has firmly established EMSEAL as the standard for structural expansion joint treatment. Explore our projects worldwide. (This page is for informational purposes only. All logos are the property of their respective owners and are used for reference purposes only.)

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Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix

Date: 2009

Product(s): Emshield® DFR2, Backerseal®

British Columbia

Granville Island Arts Club, Vancouver

Date: 2010

Product(s): Emshield® WFR2


Griffith Observatory, Hollywood

Date: 2003, 2004, 2005

Product(s): 25V, 20H System

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey

Date: 2004, 2011

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal


University of Denver, Newman Center for the Performing Arts, Denver

Date: 2010

Product(s): 20H System


Bushnell Theater, Hartford

Date: 2001, 2005

Product(s): 25V, Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal


Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington

Date: 2005

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

District of Columbia

American University Katzen Arts Center

Date: 2003-2008

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Migutan-FP, BG System, Thermaflex®

Holocaust Museum, Washington

Date: 2016

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Emshield® DFR2, RoofJoint

International Spy Museum, Washington DC

Date: 2018

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Migutan-FP

Museum of the Bible, Washington DC

Date: 2017

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Date: 2013

Product(s): RoofJoint

National Law Enforcement Museum, Washington DC

Date: 2017

Product(s): Emshield® DFR2, BG System

National Museum of American History, Washington DC

Date: 2003, 2018

Product(s): Horizontal Colorseal, 20H System

United States Capitol Visitor’s Center, Washington DC

Date: 2009

Product(s): DSM System, Backerseal®


Performing Arts Center of Miami

Date: 2002

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, BG System

University of Florida, Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville

Date: 2010

Product(s): BG System


National Infantry Museum

Date: 2008

Product(s): Backerseal®

Regal Cinema Atlantic Station, Atlanta

Date: 2017

Product(s): QuickCover


Sports Legends Experience, Children’s Museum Indianapolis

Date: 2018

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal


Deerfield Academy Art Center, Deerfield

Date: 2013

Product(s): DSM System, Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

John F. Kennedy Library, Boston

Date: 2010

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal


Lindenwood University, J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts, St. Charles

Date: 2011

Product(s): Emshield® WFR2

North Carolina

Knight Theater, North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte

Date: 2008

Product(s): DSM System, Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Migutan-FP


Place des Arts, Montreal

Date: 2015-2016

Product(s): RoofJoint


National Museum of the US Army, Fort Belvoir

Date: 2017, 2018

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, RoofJoint, BG System


Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle

Date: 2017

Product(s): QuietJoint®

West Virginia

West Virginia University Art Museum, Morgantown

Date: 2014

Product(s): DSM System, Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, RoofJoint


Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee

Date: 2014-2017

Product(s): DSM System, Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Submerseal®, SJS-FP System, SJS-Seismic Joint System