Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Migutrans SFS 115/30

For heavy duty floors

Improved transit over joints 3/8 (10mm) to 3″ (75mm)
reduces wear on wheels

Symmetrical visible surface
Super efficient design
for smoother transit and even load dristribution

Visible surface has no gaps
avoids dirt accumulation, easy cleaning

Minimal vibration when trafficked
more efficient and safer work environment

Migutrans SFS 115/30

For heavy duty floors


  • ADA compliant
  • All-metal profile (aluminum)
  • Load capacity: carts and other small-wheel high point-load traffic such as gurneys, luggage carts, etc.
  • Deck-to-wall E-4 corner version available
  • Fire-rating available through addition of EMSHIELD DFRConsult EMSEAL
  • Striated surface provides good skid resistance
  • Virtually smooth, impact-free traffic surface at any opening state of the joint
  • Extreme durability
  • Three-way movement capability


Min| 3/8″ (10mm)
Preferred| 3″ (75mm)
Max| 3″ (75mm)

Above are mean joint sizes at mid-point of expected service temperature range


1 1/8″= +9/16″ and -9/16″
(30mm = +15mm and -15mm)


  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Retail
  • Airports with traffic from the likes of gurneys, money carts, luggage carts, pallet trucks, vendor carts, etc

Model | Installation Height

SFS 115/30 | 1 ¼” (30mm)
SFS 115/30 E4 | 1 ¼” (30mm) — corner

Various leg heights are offered through special order. Consult EMSEAL.

Blockout Depth

Blockout depth = Leg Height + 1/4-inch (6mm) for EMSEAL-supplied epoxy-mortar setting-bed

Blockout Width

Blockout width will vary depending on joint-gap size—Consult EMSEAL

Pneumatic tire Load Capacity

30 MP

Solid rubber tire Load Capacity

10 MP

Solid plastic tires Load Capacity

9 kg/mm width of tire

For assistance in calculating wheel loads of expected fork lifts or other vehicles—Consult EMSEAL