Bridge expansion joints for new and maintenance BEJS from EMSEAL


Infrastructure preservation through watertight bridge expansion joints.

EMSEAL Bridge / DOT Webinars are Available Now!

Bridge Expansion Joint Seminars - EMSEAL

For anyone involved in Bridge, DOT or Roadway management, maintenance, design, or installation. EMSEAL is now presenting webinars on: Bridge Preservation Through Low Cost, Watertight Joint Solutions.

Join us to for an informative hour as we discuss Expansion Joint Systems, Nosing Solutions, Cost & Performance Analysis of Sealant Solutions, Bridge Preventive Maintenance Standards and more!

BEJS Information Guide

EMSEAL BEJS Bridge Expansion Joints Tabbed Brochure

The 2017 BEJS durable tabbed product information and selection guide is now available from EMSEAL. This concise guide is an indispensable tool to become familiar with the Bridge Expansion Joint System.