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Emseal and Watson Bowman Acme Announce New Sales Channels


Sika Expansion Joints companies Emseal Joint Systems, Ltd and Watson Bowman Acme Corp have updated their product portfolio and sales initiatives to focus on specific market sectors.

Emseal will continue the sales of Emseal branded Architectural systems, as well as Wabo® branded Commercial, Parking, and Stadium systems.

Watson Bowman Acme will focus solely on the Transportation market.

Customers purchasing Wabo® branded Commercial products and Parking/Stadium products, such as Wabo®SafetyFlex, WaboCrete® Membrane Generation II, Wabo®FastFloor, Wabo®Roofcover, etc. will now purchase through Emseal.  If you do not have an Emseal sales representative assigned to your business, please contact us at techinfo@emseal.com.

Customers purchasing Emseal Transportation (Bridge/DOT) products through Emseal Joint Systems such as BEJS, Emcrete II, etc. will now purchase through Watson Bowman Acme.  If you do not have a WBA sales rep assigned to your business, please contact us at wabo-cs@watsonbowmanacme.com.

The joining of Sika corporation with the MBCC Group has allowed these two leaders of the structural expansion joint market, Watson Bowman Acme and Emseal, to now offer focused expertise to their customers. The expansion of target market products and technical support will benefit all segments of the construction and design communities. The single points of contact will allow for a more seamless product choice and acquisition.

We value your loyalty and patience as we help you to navigate through this new sales structure.  While we aim to make this transition with zero disruption to our customers, we appreciate your cooperation.  Our commitment to satisfying our customers’ needs is our number one priority and we look forward to continuing to grow with you.

Support for technical performance and product sales can be found on the existing websites –
Commercial Products: htps://www.emseal.com/ 
Transportation Products: htps://www.watsonbowmanacme.com/

Emseal and Watson Bowman Acme Sales Channels (.pdf)