Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

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Waterproof carpark expansion joint transition from Emseal

ON THE SHOP FLOOR: Parking Expansion Joints Follow Changes In Plane and Direction

Anyone can make an expansion joint watertight in cross-section. It’s at changes in plane and direction that they’ll leak. That is, unless you order custom, factory-welded, reinforced, leak-tested transitions and terminations from Emseal. This week, like any other, we have a number of jobs on the shop floor…

EMSEAL SWRI Training Dates are Set for 2018

Expansion Joint Training

EMSEAL’s SWRI-Validated Expansion Joint Training program has been popular among architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, distributors and representatives worldwide. This educational, hands-on installation training program is AIA-registered and offers 8 HSW learning units upon completion. Topics to be covered include: history, design, technology failure analysis, safety, and quality assurance.…

Expansion Joint Patents: US Patent And Trademark Badge

US Patent Office Continues to Recognize EMSEAL Expansion Joint Innovation

 Update February 7, 2019: On January 15, 2019 US Patent 10,179,993 B2 issued. This patent broadens coverage on our factory-fabricated fire-rated and water resistant Universal and Custom transitions. New patents add further recognition of EMSEAL’s innovation in fire-rated and building expansion joint systems and reaffirms EMSEAL’s rights to exclusively manufacture…

EMSEAL Expansion Joints and Sealants

EMSEAL Acquired by Sika

Sika Acquires Expansion Joint Manufacturer EMSEAL Westborough, Massachusetts — Sika, global leader in waterproofing, and specialty construction and industrial materials has added expansion joint and precompressed sealant manufacturer EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd. to its capacity to provide comprehensive foundation-to-roof building waterproofing solutions. Customer-focus, service, and customized solutions leveraged…

Welding a EMSEAL watertight factory fabricated transitions

Skilled Factory Fabrication Wins Out

How often do varying structural expansion joint size problems arise that threaten the success of a project? More often than you’d realize it turns out. Construction would be a whole lot easier if the outcome of all designs was consistent and uniform. But that doesn’t happen in the real…

Expansion Joint Manufacturer EMSEAL Expands

EMSEAL Expands

Move into 156,000 SF Plant will meet Growing Global Expansion Joint Demand EMSEAL Expands. But you already knew that. EMSEAL’s self-expanding, non-invasively anchored, watertight expansion joint systems have been expanding to fill building expansion joints for decades. In response to global demand for 360-degree building envelope sealing solutions…

Seismic Colorseal-DS Expansion Joints are able to stand up against high winds and strong weather at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

OITC-56 and R-13.5 Expansion Joints Match High Performance Building, Design, and Functional Intent of the Kellogg School of Management

EMSEAL’s Seismic Colorseal and Seismic Colorseal-DS wall expansion joint systems are able to accommodate the many demands placed on them in Northwestern University’s new Kellogg School of Management’s Global Hub. Having been tested to provide high sound attenuation and R-Values and low air permeability architects at KPMB Architects chose EMSEAL products to ensure high indoor environmental…

Fargo Theater Island Park Ramp EMSEAL Parking Garage Expansion Joints

Parking garage expansion joints in Fargo, ND are standing the test of time–“You betcha!”

16 years later and the Thermaflex parking expansion joints are still mint at the Island Park Ramp in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. Caulk and backerrod in perimeter joints has long ago dried up and failed adhesively and cohesively (“Oh Geez!”) while the Thermaflex soldiers on. Even the factory-welded…

Fire-Rated Expansion Joints Installed at New Hampshire Federal Prison

Fire barrier expansion joints are essential to life safety in any structure. Part of the Emshield family of products, EMSEAL’s WFR2 and DFR2 2-hour fire-rated expansion joint seals were installed throughout the newly constructed Berlin Federal Prison in Berlin, NH. As is common with prison construction, large panel concrete walls…