Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Sealing Joints In Swimming Pools–Submerseal Handles the Pressure

Sealing Joints In Swimming Pools--Submerseal Handles the Pressure

Swimming pools, fountains, water parks and water features pose a real challenge in joint sealing.  Durability in chlorinated or salinated water, combined with hydrostatic head pressure make these applications particularly troublesome.Over the past year, EMSEAL has been simulating continuous head pressure immersion with various pre-compressed sealant configurations and sealant chemistries.

The result of this research is Submerseal.  The unique crowned bellows configuration combines with and epoxy adhesive and field-injected silicone sealant bands and corner beads to produce a sealant system that resists both hydrostatic head pressure as well as chemical attack from chlorine concentrations typical of swimming pools.

For submerged applications Submerseal has been tested in a hydrostatic-head pressure simulator to continuously resist water pressure at various levels without leaking. Reference the depth tableat the Submerseal product page for joint-width and corresponding allowable depths and/or consult EMSEAL for application specific conditions.