Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Better Together. Sika Expansion Joints now offering Emseal and Watson Bowman Acme sealant products.


Both Emseal and Watson Bowman Acme expansion joints are now available from Sika Expansion Joints.

Expansion joint products for sealing the building envelope and interior, whether it’s the roof transitioning to walls and decks into below grade as well as structural interior joints, are now available from a single source – Sika Expansion Joints. The expansion joint sealant brands of Sika Emseal and Watson Bowman Acme are now offered together to provide the best solution for your application needs. Decades of innovation and proven sealant performance brings together the best offerings from each brand to fit any construction application. For watertight, seismic, fire-rated, immersed, heavy traffic expansion joints – a single source solution can now be found in the collective Sika line of products. The Commercial and Transportation divisions deliver high value, low cost, structural expansion joints and pre-compressed sealants.

Commercial construction applications of buildings (walls, roofs, decks, foundations), stadiums, walkways, parking garages, airports, and schools combined expertise to seal building enclosures while addressing structural integrity, seismic requirements, and transitions in both exterior and interior applications. The commercial team will now offer an enhanced product selection with the complete line of Emseal’s precompressed watertight and UL/ULC fire-rated expansion joints, innovative roof, and non-invasively anchored deck systems, with Watson Bowman Acme’s comprehensive line of engineered products, larger seismic joints and broad selection of interior expansion joints and cover assemblies.

The Transportation unit will continue to build on decades of successful solutions offering the best products to ensure sustainability through durability for road, bridge, and infrastructure applications. The transportation team will expand on Watson Bowman Acme’s ongoing success within the DOT/Highway market by including Emseal’s infrastructure products. This will result in more options for projects focusing on structural traffic applications with solutions for bridges, roadways, transit, and tunnels.

Both product lines now offered together to give you the most complete expansion joint solution. Better Together.