Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

US Patent Office Continues to Recognize EMSEAL Expansion Joint Innovation

Expansion Joint Patents: US Patent And Trademark Badge

Something New From EMSEAL Update February 7, 2019: On January 15, 2019 US Patent 10,179,993 B2 issued. This patent broadens coverage on our factory-fabricated fire-rated and water resistant Universal and Custom transitions.

New patents add further recognition of EMSEAL’s innovation in fire-rated and building expansion joint systems and reaffirms EMSEAL’s rights to exclusively manufacture and license the technology.

Additionally, despite efforts of others to challenge EMSEAL’s innovations in expansion joint technology, EMSEAL is proud that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has confirmed our previously patented innovations and continues to award new patent protection for our breakthrough fire and water resistant expansion joint systems. EMSEAL is doubly proud to have had its seismic expansion joint system patent reexamined and reconfirmed twice and to have our roof and below-grade expansion joint technology additionally recognized through patent awards.

EMSEAL’s reexamined and confirmed patents include:

  • 6,532,708 C2 covering EMSEAL’s seismic expansion joint portfolio including: SJS, & SJS-FP
  • 8,365,495 C1 and 8,739,495 C1 covering fire and watertight expansion joint systems
  • 8,813,449 C1 and 8,813,450 C1 covering EMSEAL’s fire-rated, seismic expansion joints SJS-FR & SJS-FP-FR

EMSEAL’s most recently granted patents include:

  • Something New From EMSEAL  10,179,993 B2  issued on January 15, 2019 covering our factory-fabricated fire-rated and water resistant Universal and Custom transitions.
  • 10,066,387 issued on September 4, 2018 covering our Universal 90 and Custom 90 factory-fabricated foam transitions
  • 10,072,413 issued on September 11, 2018 covering our Universal 90 and Custom 90 factory-fabricated foam transitions
  • 9,963,872 issued on May 8, 2018 covering our Kickout Termination in both fire-rated and non-rated embodiments
  • 9,850,662 issued on December 26, 2017 covering roof and below-grade expansion joint extrusions
  • 9,739,050 issued on August 22, 2017 covering EMSEAL’s RoofJoint and RoofJoint Closure assembly
  • 9,689,158 issued June 27, 2017 covering fire-rated, watertight seismic expansion joints
  • 9,689,157 issued June 27, 2017 covering fire-rated, watertight seismic expansion joints
  • 9,677,266 issued June 13, 2017 covering a movement compensating cover plate anchor
  • 9,670,666 issued June 6, 2017 covering fire rated, watertight expanding foam expansion joints
  • 9,644,368 issued May 9, 2017 covering fire rated, watertight expanding foam expansion joints
  • 9,637,915 issued May 2, 2017 covering factory-fabricated, fire rated, expansion joint transition pieces
  • 9,631,362 issued April 25, 2017 covering fire rated tunnel expansion joint assemblies
  • 9,528,262 issued December 27, 2016 covering fire rated, watertight expanding foam expansion joints
  • 9,322,163 issued April 26, 2016 covering roof and below-grade expansion joint extrusions
  • 9,200,437 issued December 1, 2015 covering watertight expanding foam expansion joint transition pieces
  • 9,068,297 issued June 30, 2015 covering fluid directing expansion joint “kickout” assemblies both fire and/or watertight
  • 8,870,506 issued October 28, 2014 covering movement compensating cover plate anchors

EMSEAL’s inventions have profoundly changed the way buildings are waterproofed and fire rated. The benefits extend to architects and engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, distributors and sales reps and ultimately to property owners.

Architects and engineers can specify with the confidence borne of validation by extensive UL 2079 testing in walls and floors and benefit from being able to simplify design by eliminating under-slab fire barriers. Under-slab fire barriers often become interrupted by columns, intersecting walls and other obstructions. This interrupts continuity in the fire barrier.  Installed entirely from easily accessible floor and wall locations, the Emshield products ensure continuity and proper fire compartmentation. Because the Emshield products perform multiple tasks with a single product, opportunities for LEED credit are possible through reduction of materials, improved insulation values minimizing thermal breaks, and acoustic environmental control. The Emshield products can be installed alone or beneath any cover plate or expansion joint cover at the designers’ preference.

For general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors the Emshield products improve productivity, remove the need for below-slab access, remove coordination concerns with electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC trades, and can consequently shorten project completion schedules.

For EMSEAL distributors and sales representatives, EMSEAL’s product line knits together their roof membrane, air barrier, deck coating and below-grade waterproofing product offerings allowing them to provide, to architects and contractors alike, fully integrated building envelope waterproofing and fire proofing solutions.

The property owner benefits from a safer, lower maintenance, high performance building. The durability of EMSEAL ensures that lowest total cost of ownership expansion joints and can dramatically reduce costly occupancy and revenue disruption and tenant complaints.

Emseal continues to innovate and anticipates further grants of US Patents in both its fire-rated, non-fire-rated, factory-fabricated transition, roof and below grade expansion joints and other technologies.