Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

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Corporate Headquarters and Structural, Architectural, and Infrastructure Application and Customer Support:

25 Bridle Lane,
Westborough, MA 01581-2603

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(From inside the US)
Voice: 508-836-0280
Fax: 508-836-0281


Contact US Techs and Regionals Directly: Direct Number Skype

Northeast US/ Canada (Eastern
to Ontario)
Regional Manager: Jason Frigon
email: jfrigon@emseal.com
Cell: 508-439-3797 jason.w.frigon
  Inside Tech: Josh O'Neil
email: joneil@emseal.com
508-599-3222 joneil.emseal

South US Regional Manager: David Sorrells
email: dsorrells@emseal.com
Cell: 205-937-4376  
  Inside Tech: Don Tice
email: dtice@emseal.com
508-599-3220 dtice_3

MD-DC-VA Region US Regional Manager:David Slough
email: dslough@emseal.com
Cell: (804) 774-0100  
  Inside Tech: Drew Powers
email: dpowers@emseal.com
508-599-3214 drew.powers_emseal

Mid Atlantic US Regional Manager:Han-Hui Ling, CDT
email: han@emseal.com
Cell: (214) 886-3662 hlingemseal
  Inside Tech: Drew Powers
email: dpowers@emseal.com
508-599-3214 drew.powers_emseal

Midwest US/
Canada (MB/SK)
Regional Manager: Reynold Hamann
email: rhamann@emseal.com
Cell: (612) 723-0424  
  Inside Tech: Greg Rodgers
email: grodgers@emseal.com
508-599-3229 greg.rodgers.

Southwest US Regional Manager: Gwynn Stegen
email: gwynn@emseal.com
Cell: 760-533-8298  
  Inside Tech: Kevin Braga, CDT
email: kbraga@emseal.com
508-599-3230 kevin.braga

Northwest US/ Canada (BC & AB) Regional Manager: Craig McCalla
email: cmccalla@emseal.com
Cell: 503-334-9811  
  Inside Tech: Kevin Braga, CDT
email: kbraga@emseal.com
508-599-3230 kevin.braga

International Sales & Engineering    
Southern Hemisphere, Spain & Portugal: Pablo Ferreira
email: pferreira@emseal.com

Se habla español

Se fala português

+1-508-599-3204 pablo.ferreira09
Northern Hemisphere: Bashar Moussallieh
email: basharm@emseal.com

 أتكلم اللغة العربية

Je parle français

+1-508-599-3207 bashar.moussallieh1

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Specialty Sealant & Gasket Applications

Log Home; RV; Concrete; Agriculture; Automotive; RV; Awning etc.

Metal Buildings, Roofs, Walls, etc.

Contact: Bob O'Hayer
PH: 207-853-3107
FAX: 610-743-8486
EMail: BOhayer@emseal.com


DOT Bridge Applications
Contact: Drew Barrett
PH: 508-836-0280
CELL: 508-439-2508
FAX: 508-836-0281

EMail: DBarrett@emseal.com


120 Carrier Drive
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5R1

(From inside Canada)
Voice: 416-740-2090
Fax: 416-740-0233
Email: techinfo@emseal.com


EMSEAL JOINT SYSTEMS LTD. 25 Bridle Lane, Westborough, MA 01581
EMSEAL LLC. 120 Carrier Drive, Toronto, ON M9W 5R1



1-800-526-8365 -- 508-836-0280 --  techinfo@emseal.com -- Fax: 508-836-0281

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