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Expansion joint projects–An extensive and growing global track record of expansion joint and sealant projects and satisfied customers has firmly established EMSEAL as the standard for structural expansion joint treatment. Explore our projects worldwide. (This page is for informational purposes only. All logos are the property of their respective owners and are used for reference purposes only.)

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(TUS) Tucson International Airport, Tucson

Date: 2005

Product(s): DSM System

Bostrom High School, Phoenix

Date: 2013

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

Brown Parking Garage at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale

Date: 2008

Product(s): Thermaflex®

Camelback Esplanade, Phoenix

Date: 2008, 2011

Product(s): Migutan-FP, Thermaflex®

Colonial Smith Middle School, Sierra Vista

Date: 2012

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

Commissary at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Date: 2003, 2004

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

CyrusOne Data Center, Chandler

Date: 2012-2013, 2017

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Horizontal Colorseal, Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal-DS, Emshield® WFR2

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Dorm

Date: 2003

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

Federal Court House

Date: 2001

Product(s): Backerseal®

Haydon Building Corporation, Phoenix

Date: 2011

Product(s): Submerseal®

Honeywell Plant, Phoenix

Date: 2012

Product(s): Submerseal®

Ironwood High School, Glendale

Date: 2010

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal

Litchfield Elementary School, Litchfield Park

Date: 2011, 2012

Product(s): Backerseal®

Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Chandler

Date: 2014, 2015

Product(s): QuietJoint®

Midwestern University at Glendale

Date: 2014-2015

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, Horizontal Colorseal, Thermaflex®

Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix

Date: 2009

Product(s): Emshield® DFR2, Backerseal®

National Bank

Date: 2010

Product(s): Thermaflex®

NAU-Northern Arizona University Parking Garage, Flagstaff

Date: 2012, 2015

Product(s): DSM System, Emshield® DFR2, Thermaflex®

Navajo Multi-purpose Justice Center, Tuba City

Date: 2012

Product(s): Emshield® SecuritySeal® SSW2

Optima Biltmore Towers, Scottsdale

Date: 2004

Product(s): BG System

PARC Midtown, Phoenix, AZ

Date: 2017

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, DSM System, Colorseal®-on-a-Reel

Phoenix College Nursing Building, Phoenix

Date: 2013

Product(s): Colorseal®-on-a-Reel

Rose Mofford Sports Complex, City of Phoenix

Date: 2016

Product(s): Colorseal®-on-a-Reel

Scottsdale Executive Office Suites, Scottsdale

Date: 2017

Product(s): QuickCover

Scottsdale Waterfront, Scottsdale

Date: 2004-2005, 2017

Product(s): BG System, SJS-FP System, DSM-FP, DSM System, 20H System

SRP Navajo Generating Station

Date: 2011

Product(s): Emshield® WFR2

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center Parking Garage, Phoenix

Date: 2007, 2013, 2015

Product(s): Thermaflex®

Starr Pass Parking Garage, Tucson

Date: 2004, 2007

Product(s): Thermaflex®

The Westin, Phoenix

Date: 2011

Product(s): Emshield® DFR2

University of Arizona, 6th St. Parking Garage, Tucson

Date: 2002, 2008

Product(s): Thermaflex®

US Penitentiary, Tucson, AZ

Date: 2004

Product(s): 20H System

Yuma Regional Medical Center Parking Garage, Yuma

Date: 2009, 2014

Product(s): Colorseal®/Seismic Colorseal, 20H System