University of Tennessee 11th Street Parking Garage, Knoxville


Date: 2006

SJS Seismic Joint System installed at the University of Tennessee 11th St Parking Garage.

After a winged seal had failed in extension due to post-tension shortening of the slabs adjacent to the deck, a watertight solution for the large resulting structural joint opening was needed. The old system was removed leaving 3/4″ deep blockouts on each side of the opening. The blockouts were filled with EMSEAL’s flexible, impact and sound absorbing nosing material and SJS System was installed into the joint gap. The result is a watertight cover plate system that is quiet and free of any mechanical fastenings, embeds, or anchors into the concrete.

SJS System in three top deck joints.

SJS SYSTEM with watertight transition to SEISMIC COLORSEAL in split columns at University of Tennessee 11th St Parking Garage.

SJS System with watertight transition to Seismic Colorseal in split columns.

SJS SYSTEM after a full year of traffic at the University of Tennessee's 11th St Parking Garage

SJS System after a full year of traffic.