Longaberger Basket HQ, Newark OH. BackerSeal behind liquid sealant in EIFS facade. EMSEAL

Longaberger Basket Headquarters, Newark, OH


Date: 1997

The designers of the Longaberger Basket Headquarters opted to backup the wet sealant with EMSEAL’s BACKERSEAL material.

Designed by NBBJ Architects in Columbus OH, this unique structure was designed to resemble the hugely popular baskets sold by the Longaberger Company. A composite stucco façade was selected because of its versatility in creating the woven appearance of a basket.

As in any barrier-wall assembly façade system, sealing of the façade expansion joints is critical to keeping the structure watertight. The designers opted to backup the wet sealant with EMSEAL’s Backerseal material.

Developed out of a research project specifically focused on barrier-wall sealing, Backerseal is one of three 100% acrylic-impregnated sealant systems from EMSEAL with the following performance advantages:

1) Proven compatibility with all known substrates including acrylic-based substrate materials as well as with commonly used wet sealants.
2) Reduced tension on the substrate
4) Preservation of external insulating R-Values at joints.
5) Ability to resist the effects of air pressure differential.

Performance tested in against the rigors of ASTM E-331, E-283, and E-330, Backerseal, and Colorseal by EMSEAL, withstood directed water spray while resisting a vacuum drawn on the back side of the panels. These three ASTM tests usually conducted on curtainwall systems are considered among the most demanding for barrier wall façade assemblies.

Subsequent to this testing, Backerseal as an integral component of a field-formed binary sealant system has proved its ability to keep buildings dry despite failure of the outer wet sealant. In the 17 years since its introduction, the material has been used throughout North America on large and small projects in virtually all commonly used substrate materials. The Longaberger headquarters joins a long list of successfully sealed projects that count among them the significant Façade of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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