Airport floor expansion joint covers. Migutrans from Migua

(BCN) Barcelona El Prat Airport, Barcelona


Airport floor expansion joints. Migutrans at El Prat, Barcelona

Rolling, high-point-load, hard-wheeled traffic is the top killer of cheap, rubber-and-rail floor expansion joint covers. Migutrans, as seen at Barcelona's El Prat Airport, is a worthwhile investment and returns its value many time over.

You could spend less up front on your airport expansion joints, but you’ll never spend less in the long-run with Migutrans from Migua. It’s a simple case of the Common Law of Business Balance.

Migutrans is the global standard for airport expansion joint durability. It is impossible to traverse Europe and increasingly anywhere else in the world without crossing Migutrans floor expansion joints in an airport. Barcelona El Prat, in a project lead by Mecanogumba, S.A.U., added themselves to this growing list.


Rubber-and-rail expansion joints fail

Failed rubber-and-rail floor expansion joints present a trip hazard.

Rubber-and-rail expansion joint eventually fail. Always. Most airports learn the hard way. The work arounds get creative but don’t remove the hazard. Retrofit is disruptive and expensive, so doing it right is critical. The right way is with Migutrans from Migua

Migutrans the retrofit, repair, and new airport floor expansion joint solution

Airport floor expansion joint covers Migutrans FS from Migua

Airport floor expansion joint covers, Migutrans FS 146 and FS 130, from Migua ensure trouble-free performance in Barcelona’s El Prat airport.

Aiport patrons don't see where they're putting their feet

Airport floor expansion joints in El Prat, Barcelona

Airport patrons are looking everywhere but at the expansion joints. Just one more reason you want systems designed to bumpless and capable of handling high heels and rolling point loads.

Avoid slips, trips, clatters and bangs

Airport floor expansion joints for any season. Migutrans at El Prat, Barcelona

No matter the season, there is plenty of distraction for airport patrons–the expansion joints are the last of their concerns. We think the Migutrans looks elegant, but then we are looking for expansion joints. Travellers, distracted by finding their gates, shopping, looking for dining, attending to family are not paying attention to expansion joints. Don’t give them a reason to discover the joints by tripping, slipping, or banging noisily over loose, sagging, or proud coverplates or low-quality expansion joint covers.