Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

The Need for a Better Seismic Expansion Joint

The need for a better seismic expansion joint drove the development of the SJS System from Emseal–here’s a summary video to show you the result:

Research, observation, and conversations with engineers and owners pleading for a better option than noisy, leaking cover-and-gutter systems drove the development goals for SJS System from Emseal. The system needed to be:

– Watertight at the deck surface
– Traffic load durable
Non-invasively anchored
– Quiet
– Watertight through changes in plane and direction

All of these criteria were met, are embodied in the SJS System, and have been proved in over 14-years of unrivaled in-field track record. The essential differentiators of the SJS System over any other are:

– no metal embedments
– no drilling
no hard connections to the concrete
no gutters
– no access from the underside of the deck for installation
– watertight
– quiet
fire-rated when needed
– available in a plaza deck option and even a fire-rated plaza deck option

What’s in your joints?