Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Expansion Joints have evolved. Find out how with a visit to or from EMSEAL

We all came from somewhere.

Before concrete there was stone. Before microsphere-modified acrylic polymers, there was tar.

EMSEAL is proud to have evolved with changes in material and building science.  We would love to share with you, in person, the latest in expansion joint sealing—from our breakthrough Seismic Joint System, to our revolutionary fire-rated, watertight, sound-blocking, hurricane-resistant Emshield product line for floors, walls and decks.  As proud as we are of the product line, our approach to expansion joint treatment is as developed.  Continuity of seal, non-invasive anchoring, 3-D joint design, and checklist-based quality assurance are all hallmarks of an evolution in expansion joint treatment.

Contact us to find out where we’ll be in your area, to set up a visit to your office, or to join us at our SWRI-Validated training seminars at our HQ.

Cartoon courtesy of Julia Hensley—artist and teacher who’s series dubbed “The EM-SIDE (with appropriate what have yous to Gary Larson)” will occasionally be featured here in the future.