Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Another Fire-Rating First–Seismic Traffic Joint is UL 2079 Fire Rated up to 2-hours

Emshield SJS FR

One Install Does it All—Fire Rating, Watertight, Traffic Durable, 100% movement.  No anchors, no fire-blankets, no gutters.

In another industry first, EMSEAL has built the fire-rating into the joint–this time for floor and deck joints subject to cars, pedestrians, material handling equipment and other loads.

Installed entirely from the deck or floor above, no utility lifts or holding labor are required. And, installation and continuity of the fire barrier is not compromised by under-slab obstructions from HVAC, electrical, plumbing or mechanical equipment.

SJS-FR is UL and ULC certified for joints from 4-10 inches with up to 100% of joint size movement and meets the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399.

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