Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Watertight Membrane/Nosing Systems for parking decks and car parks including exposed top decks, stadiums, etc.


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• Watertight, ADA compliant
Double-cell & multi-cell designs redundant sealing
• Durable under vehicular traffic in extreme weather conditions
• Ideal for new or retrofit construction
Non-invasive anchoring--no metal anchors or embeds
• Staged installation preserves traffic flow
• Low resin-to-aggregate ratio enhances durability of nosing material
• Material lengths may be supplied for exact length of joint
• Heat-weldable Santoprene® thermoplastic rubber membrane permits continuous lengths and a continuity of seal through transitions and terminations
• Tees, crosses, directional changes, column details, terminations, and changes in plane are available as factory-fabricated, factory-leak-tested units
Shear pockets are available for extreme parallel movement conditions
• Differential vertical deflection, lateral movement, and seismic shock are accommodated by the flexibility of the seal
• Accepts traffic in as little as 3 hours at 75°F or higher temperatures--thereby facilitating lane-by-lane retrofits with minimal parking revenue loss

parking decks/car parks

• decks
• mall bridge connectors
• roadways
• for cast-in-place, precast and post-tensioned concrete substrates

Standard Sizes
• Models are available for mean-temperature joint sizes from 1" (25mm) up to 5-1/2-inches (140mm).  See sizing chart.

Movement Capability
Movement as a percentage of nominal joint size varies by model. Up to or in excess of 100% of nominal joint size movement capability is typical in most applications. See Selection Guide in TechData Sheet.

Standard color is black for sealing glands and nosing material.

Product Description
THERMAFLEX consists of extruded thermoplastic Santoprene® rubber sealing gland with punched flanges embedded in a high-strength, flexible, impact-absorbing elastomeric concrete nosing (EMCRETE).

The thermoplastic Santoprene® sealing glands are heat-weldable, making transitions through changes in direction and plane not only practical but watertight.

The elastomeric concrete is two-part polyurethane reinforced with silica sand and fiberglass. The silica sand and fiberglass aggregate provide compressive strength while preserving flexibility. The system is mounted in blockouts on each side of the joint-gap. The sealing gland is placed in the joint gap and the blockouts are filled with the elastomeric concrete which encapsulates the flanges. The nosing material flows through holes punched in the flanges thereby forming a row of "pillars" for secure fastening and load bearing. The system becomes integral with the deck as the nosing material develops a bond to the concrete.


Watertightness through direction and plane changes is made possible through heat-welded, factory-fabrications in the sealing gland.

Continuity of seal from THERMAFLEX is assured with transition to SEISMIC COLORSEAL. Dulles International Airport, West Flank Parking, May 2002.

Innovations such as EMSEAL's "Shear Pocket" enable watertightness throughout virtually any condition--including conditions where shear movements are expected.

EMSEAL’s THERMAFLEX has been successfully used to seal structural expansion joints on parking decks, and stadiums for over three decades. 

This uncommon success is due to product quality and EMSEAL's unique, collaborative, approach to three-dimensional joint detailing and application review.

EMSEAL has resisted industry trends toward massively loading nosing materials with aggregate to drive down costs and supplies a resin-rich nosing material that ensures flexibility, impact resistance, and durability. 

EMSEAL’s detailed approach to each project ensures that specific design characteristics are considered and addressed. 

While it is easy to represent a product as watertight in cross-section, it is at changes in plane and direction like curbs and sidewalks where joints leak.  

Warranting watertightness by supplying factory-fabricated transitions for these conditions is a mainstay of EMSEAL’s success.  EMSEAL further extends this warranty of watertightness to transitions between its own materials of different types when detailed as recommended.

Selection Guide:

See THERMALFEX Install Data.  For an overview of installation watch the following video:



Factory-Fabricated Transitions and Terminations

Anyone can make an expansion joint watertight in cross-section. It is at changes in direction and plane, and between different technologies that joints leaks. EMSEAL has cured this problem with custom-quick factory transitions and terminations made to fit field measurements. Factory-fabricated assemblies reduce in-field labor time and ensure that continuity of seal is preserved. And, each weld is strengthended with a reinforcing band of welded Santoprene sheet and water-tested before it leaves the plant.  Here are some examples of watertight, factory assemblies in the THERMAFLEX system (click images to enlarge):

Performance Limitations

• System will not perform where there is unsound substrate or improper blockout preparation. The joint-gap and the blockout area must be perfectly clean and dry.

• Minimum substrate temperature at time of installation and for 4-hours following installation is 45°F (7°C).

In the event of damage to the nosing, the damaged section can be removed, the area primed, and replaced with freshly mixed material. Since the product develops good adhesion to itself, the newly applied section becomes an integral part of the nosing section. The contact surface of the cutout must be free of loose debris, dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. Should the sealing gland be damaged replacement sections or patches can, in many cases, be field welded into position.

The durability of THERMAFLEX, and all expansion joint systems, is significantly affected by maintenance and snow removal practices. See "Snow Removal and Maintenance of Parking, Plaza and Stadium Expansion Joints" or request document "Maintenance Summary" from EMSEAL.


Availability and Price
THERMAFLEX is available for shipment internationally.
Prices are available from local representatives and/or directly from the manufacturer.
The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any product without prior notice.

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