Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Thermal Shock

The rapid opening or closing of an expansion joint gap as the result of abrupt temperature change. The abrupt change causes the rapid shortening or lengthening of the structure on either side of the expansion joint causing a rapid cycle of compression or extension in the joint material. Thermal shock can result from the passage of a fast moving rain storm that rapidly cools a sun-baked structure on a hot summers day. Can also result from abrupt seasonal temperature changes particularly in spring and fall. Materials used in sealing structural joints subject to thermal shock must be capable of handling the resulting rapid cycling while remaining bonded to the substrates and while preserving watertightness.

NOTE: The definitions of terms and terminology herein are rooted in the context of use in the field of construction-related joint sealing in EMSEAL’s experience. They are provided with the intent of offering a fuller understanding of the context of their usage. Any suggestions or questions regarding interpretation are welcome and should be directed to content@emseal.com. Thank you.