Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants


FN, FKN, FTN 20/12 CAD Details


FN 20/12 (flush--Floor and Wall)
FKN 20/12 (tile)
FTN 20/12 (carpet or tile)

For standard duty interior floors.

ADABlue.gif (195 bytes) Flame_Icon3.gif (1305 bytes)

For mean* joint sizes of min. 20 mm (3/4-inches), max. 25mm (1-inches)
*at mid-point of expected service temperature range


FN 20/12 Surface Mounted, Flush Insert


FKN 20/12 Surface Mounted, 3mm (1/8-inch) Raised Insert

FTN 20/12 Surface Mounted, 5mm (1/4-inch) Raised Insert


E-4 Surface Mounted, Floor-To-Wall option available for FN, FTN and FTN 20/12


- Total movement capability: 5 mm = +3mm and -2mm (3/16-inches: +1/8" and -1/16")

- Load capacity: Normal interior use.

- Fabrication length = 4 meters (13.12 LF)

Special properties
- Quick installation, low profile
- ADA compliant
- Fire-rating available with

Fire-Rate these Joints with EMSHIELD


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