Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

How to Select Floor Joints

Joint Selection:

To select a joint for lasting function in your application first calculate anticipated LOAD, MOVEMENT, and JOINT-GAP SIZE, then ask and answer the following questions:

  1. Can this model handle the loads from my expected traffic?
  2. Can this model handle the expected movement?
  3. Will this model straddle my designed joint-gap?

If you answer “NO” to any of the questions move to the next model.

When you can answer “YES” to all three questions you have probably found your joint system.

Need Help or confirmation of your selection?  FILL IN and FAX US THIS CHECKLIST

Design for Durability:

Point loads are the number one killer of interior floor expansion joints and surrounding flooring materials.

“Rubber-and-rail” systems don’t last. Cover-plates and lightly-constructed “centering-bar and plate” systems create slip, trip and noise hazards.

EMSEAL is proud to offer a unique line of elegant, well-engineered floor expansion joint systems.

The superior design of the MIGUTRANS series eliminates dangerous, noisy, and unsightly joint deterioration as well as the disruption and expense of replacing failed systems.

The complete line of options caters to a variety of design conditions in both new and retrofit construction. Wheel and axle load ratings ensure suitability for use by everything from coin carts and mobile medical equipment to the heaviest forklifts and other materials handling equipment.

Make Migutrans or Twinsert the Basis of Design for your floors.  Go to the Interior Joint Selection Guide.


  • Long lasting, maintenance-free, all-metal, aircraft-aluminum  construction (Alloy 6063-AlMg0,7SI)*
  • ADA compliant
  • Fire-rating achievable through addition of Emshield.
  • Ribbed, no-skid surface
  • Smooth, no-bump traffic surface at any opening state of the joint
  • Grooveless, dirt-free surface
  • Three-way movement capability

Need Help?

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Interior-Floor Expansion Joint Checklist
Guide Specifications: All Interior Joints (.htm)
Guide Specifications: All Interior Joints (.doc)