Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Below-Grade Joints--Selection Guide:  

Product Image Product Description Application Joint Sizes
DSM SYSTEM Silicone-coated, pre-compressed, microsphere-modified acrylic. Below-Grade Walls from Positive Side

Below-Grade Walls from Negative side as containment for grout injection

1/2"  to  8"
(12 - 200mm)

Wheeling Tunnel, WV. DSM-DS by EMSEAL as negative-side drainage seal. DSM-DS SYSTEM Double-sided DSM.  Silicone-coated on both faces to resist moisture from both negative and positive sides of joint. Negative Side With Positive Drainage

1/2"  to  8"
(12 - 200mm)

EMSEAL's BG System being installed on positive side of foundation walls BG SYSTEM

Extruded FlexAlloy/PVC extrusion and dual-level membrane integration flanges.  Flanges are welded or adhered to below-grade waterproofing membrane and fastenend with termination bar and anchors.  Transitions to RoofJoint in softscapes, and MIGUTAN in hardscapes.

Below-Grade Walls-Positive Side
For joints installed from the positive side of free-standing cast foundation walls.

up to 4"

U of Maryland, Katzen Arts Center. EMSEAL BG SYSTEM in blind-side, lagged foundation walls. BG SYSTEM

Extruded thermoplastic FlexAlloy PVC extrusion with dual-level membrane integration flanges.   Welds or bonds to to below-grade waterproofing membranes.

Below-Grade Walls-Blind Side
Under Slab or Tunnel Floors

For joints in blind-side or single-side formed walls against lagging and under the slabs of foundation walls and tunnels.

up to 4"

EMSEAL 20H SYSTEM being installed into below-grade wall. 20H SYSTEM Acrylic/Asphalt Impregnated, 5x density, pre-compressed foam installed into field applied expoxy on joint faces. Coated with TopCoat. Below-Grade Walls-Positive Side Accessible

1/2"  to  8"
(12 - 200mm)

Continuity of Seal:  Making expansion joints watertight in cross-section is easy.  Where joints will leak is at transitions in plane and direction as well as at transitions between dissimilar joint seals.

EMSEAL provides axonometric details for treatment of both transitions within and between its systems.  Detailed and installed in accordance with these details, EMSEAL warrants its joint systems to be watertight at all transitions.

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