Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

Curved Expansion Joints? EMSEAL Bends Over Backwards, Longways, and Sideways for You…

SEISMIC COLORSEAL by EMSEAL uniquely handles all of the challenges posed by this application. Tight radii are handled in by the flexibility of the material.

Whether in curved skylights at St. Louis Lambert Field, roadways at JetBlue, or around elliptical columns at the Nationals Ball Park, curved expansion joints more common than you’d think. Regardless of the radius and the material best suited the application, EMSEAL has the expertise to not only follow the curve but make the joints watertight while handling the structural movements you’re designing for. Our precompressed foam sealants—Seismic Colorseal (above left), Migutan split-slab system (above middle and right); and our Thermaflex winged seals can all be fabricated to follow your curves. For more on this subject read the article in our Knowledge Base or contact us.

Migutan Curved Expansion Joints
Curved Expansion Joints from EMSEAL