Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

EMSEAL DSM Expansion Joint System Installation Kit

EMSEAL DSM Expansion Joint System Installation Kit

Many of the essential tools necessary to install EMSEAL DSM at your job site.

Packed in a durable zippered canvas bag, the kit includes:

  • a 20-ounce sausage caulk gun
  • three reusable cone nozzles
  • a 10-inch bread knife
  • a 3/4-inch caulk knife
  • two 2-inch margin trowels
  • a 2-inch diameter epoxy mixer

Refer to the DSM installation instructions to determine other tools and materials necessary for installation.

Product Features

  • Caulk gun is used to apply silicone to the finished joint.
  • Margin trowel is used to spread adhesive epoxy.
  • Caulk knife is used to tool the silicone bead at the substrate and between joints.
  • Bread knife is used to cut foam sticks and reels.
  • Epoxy mixer is attached to a standard power drill to mix multi-part adhesive epoxy.