Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants


Expansion Joints are Watertight, Insulated, Attractive, Moving

Skylights at St. Louis' Lambert Field International Airport sealed with SEISMIC COLORSEAL by EMSEAL.
(New construction 2000)
Because of their considerable length, these skylights at St. Louis' Lambert Field International airport have been divided into sections by structural expansion joints.


LambertField 2.jpg (52216 bytes) These joints need to be made watertight. The sealant material must handle the tight radii, variation in the joint-gap size and must anchor without drilling into the substrates. 

The material must also thermally insulate, must look good, and, must do all of this while moving through seasonal temperature cycles.

LambertField 3.jpg (36734 bytes) SEISMIC COLORSEAL by EMSEAL uniquely handles all of the challenges posed by this application. Tight radii are handled in by the flexibility of the material.

Non-invasive anchoring ensures that the metal framing of the skylight is not violated.

Selection of Gray from the standard 25 -COLORS makes the seal appear an integral part of the skylight system.


LambertField 5.jpg (56756 bytes) Curved expansion joints are more common than one might think and are routinely handled by EMSEAL.

Radii through the vertical plane are also readily addressed by SEISMIC COLORSEAL.

In addition the variation in joint size at the downward curve is uniquely handled by switching sizes to suit field conditions.

LambertField 6.jpg (60871 bytes) From the inside, the charcoal gray impregnated foam backing is also aesthetically pleasing as it once again appears a part of the window system.   In addition the product has an R-value of 2.15/inch of depth giving this application an R-rating of almost 7 at the joints.

SEISMIC COLORSEAL is one of the hugely versatile COLORSEAL family of cutting edge composite sealing technologies available from EMSEAL


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