Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants



Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past, FS-75 heavy-duty interior expansion joints chosen for new terminal:
(New construction 2003)

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Joints in airport terminals take a pounding.   Constantly.

Expansion joint covers at airports are, as a rule, under designed.   Owners and designers often learn the hard and expensive way that using light-duty rubber and rail systems during initial construction ends up resulting in a very costly and disruptive retrofit.

So when the Southwest Airlines terminal was added to the Orlando International Airport, the designer and owner wisely agreed not to repeat the mistakes made in the airport's main terminal.

They specified and installed a system designed to handle multi-directional movements while handling heavy loads and providing a clean, smooth transition surface.

EMSEAL's FS 75 can handle it all, from small baggage wheels to heavily laden skycap carts, ...
strollers, ...
cleaning equipment and maintenance lifts, ...
wheel chairs, and ...
retail traffic.
In addition, the FS Series offers the ability to handle direction changes without compromising its elegant aesthetic.

Can you afford not to repeat the success of Orlando's Southwest Terminal in your airport floors?

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