Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants



Chairs, spiked-heel and service-cart point loads Meet their Match in casino floor joints--FS 135/2500 from EMSEAL eliminates interior expansion joint  problems at Woodbine Slots Casino in Ontario, Canada. (Retrofit 2000)


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Joints in casino floors take a beating from point loads exerted by chairs, spiked heels, machines and service carts.

Lost revenue from down-time, exorbitant maintenance costs, and tripping-related litigation are often the consequences of under-designed casino expansion joints.

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Expansion joint-gap location does not always take into account the eventual layout of equipment.

The floor joints that bridge these gaps must therefore be accommodating of the loads and traffic types that may result.

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The The FS.../ Series series of high-point-load interior floor joints provide a smooth transitional surface while accommodating omni-directional movement...

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..and do so while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the casino room.

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