Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Watertight joint integrates into buried waterproofing membranes in split-slab deck construction of parking, plaza, podium stadium concourses, roadways, etc.


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FP 155 at column transition.
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• Watertight
• Static integration to deck waterproofing membrane
• Traffic durable
• Installs on the structural slab - refers movement to wear course
Dual-level sealing gland ensures sealing redundancy
• Thermoplastic sealing gland and side sheets ensure continuity of seal
• Factory-fabricated transitions and terminations
• Leg heights and material types matched to topping thickness and expected loads
• Stainless steel capping strips

• plaza decks, podium decks, split-slab construction

stadium concourses
• airport roadways
• new and retrofit construction

Standard Sizes
For structural joint gap openings up to 4 3/4" (120mm)
• Alternative for joints from 4" up to 18" (100 - 450mm) see SJS-FP

Movement Capability
Up to 100% total
(Available movement depends on model, and joint opening size--Consult EMSEAL)


Product Description
For applications, particularly over occupied space, where totally watertight integration of expansion joint and deck membrane is a fundamental requirement.

Application examples include split-slab construction on plaza (podium) decks, slit-slab parking decks, stadium concourses, and anywhere waterproofed split slab construction is specified. 

For watertight transition to below-grade foundation or tunnel walls see BG SYSTEM.

Unique design incorporates side flashing sheet membranes which embed into and are encapsulated with deck waterproofing membrane to form a continuous, completely watertight system with a static (not in tension) integration to the deck membrane.

MIGUTAN features an unrivaled track record and tens of thousands of feet installed and functioning.

See this article for more on how it works and why to use MIGUTAN instead of a buried type expansion joints.

Heavy-duty aluminum, steel, or stainless steel mounting legs are coupled to aluminum top rails. Hard-wearing, stainless steel, gland-retaining capping strips allow long-
term maintenance access.

The MIGUTAN sealing insert and side flashing sheets are heat-weldable thermoplastic rubber.  This ensures continuity of seal through transitions in plane and direction as well as at terminations.

Positive interlocking metal rails or stainless-steel pins eliminate misalignment between adjoining sections.

Tees, crosses, directional changes, column details, terminations, and changes in plane are available as factory-fabricated assemblies.

Leg heights from 1" (25mm) to 12" (400mm) accommodate pavers, asphalt and other toppings.

Exceptional durability under vehicular traffic and extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Watertight Transitions and Terminations

Anybody can make an expansion joint watertight in cross-section.  The ability to ensure watertightness through changes in plane, direction and at changes to other expansion joint technologies is a key differentiator for EMSEAL.

It is at these terminations or transitions to other expansion joints in walls or below grade that joint will inevitably leak. 

It is critical in ensuring watertightness that these conditions be planned for and addressed wherever possible using factory-fabricated termination and transition assemblies. 

EMSEAL has developed a system for the communication of design or field conditions from which factory made transition and terminations are reliably and routinely produced.

The following are a few examples of the thousands of unique and common conditions for which EMSEAL has manufactured watertight transitions and termination assemblies in the MIGUTAN FP system.


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