Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants


FSN 75/...

Surface-mounted, interior movement joint system for high-point load traffic.

Ideally suited to hospitals, casinos, retail, airports with traffic from the likes of gurneys, money carts, luggage carts, pallet trucks,
vendor carts, etc.

For new construction where no blockouts are cast.
Ideal for retrofit of failed joint systems.

For max. mean* joint sizes up to 84mm (3.3-inches)
*at mid-point of expected service temperature range



Joint Size
(Up to max. mean joint size)
Movement Capability Visible Width
(at mean joint size)
Deck-To-Wall Options Production Length
84 mm
(3 1/3")
+10mm (3/8")
-10 mm (3/8")

Total: 20 mm (3/4")

320 mm
E-4 (wall flange turned up) 4 m



Model #:

Installation DEPTH Blockout Depth Blockout Width

FSN 75/21

21mm (3/4")

Blockout depth = Leg Height + 6mm (1/4-inch) No blockouts required--surface mounted


Pneumatic tire Load Capacity Solid rubber tire Load Capacity Solid plastic tires Load Capacity
30 MP 10 MP 364 lb/in (6.5 kg/mm)
width of tire
- For assistance in calculating wheel loads of expected fork lifts or other vehicles--Consult EMSEAL

Special properties
All-metal profile (aluminum)
- ADA compliant
- Fire-rating available through addition of EMSHIELD DFR--Consult EMSEAL
- Striated surface provides good skid resistance
- Virtually smooth, impact-free traffic surface at any opening state of the joint
- Extreme durability
- Three-way movement capability

This joint can be fire-rated for 2 Hours with EMSHIELD DFR2


--CAD Detail FSN 75/21 (.dwg)--  --CAD Detail FSN 75/21 (.pdf)--


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