Watertight Expansion Joints and Construction Sealants by EMSEAL

EN 1366 Compliant Fire Rating

CE Marked Movement Joint - Colourseal VHE from Emseal

A CE marked, EN 1366-4 tested, movement joint for vertical and horizontal building joints, Colorseal VHE is available for European and other global markets where EN testing and CE marking are preferred or required. Colourseal VHE an easily installed, watertight, 100% movement, precompressed movement joint seal. Non-invasivley anchored and tensionless, it is ideally suited to sealing joints in virtually any substrate. (Product shown in substrate mock-ups).

Article Update January 28, 2020:
In addition to the products covered by the technical assessment referenced in this article, Emseal introduces CE-marked, EN-1366-4 certified, Emshield DFR/WFR CE with up to 4 hours of fire resistance and Colourseal VHE CE with 90-min and 45-min fire resistance for vertical and horizontal plane applications respectively.

Tested by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) in France and certified by European Technical Assesment (ETA), Emshield DFR/WFR CE provides up to 4-hours of fire resistance, and is a water, air, and smoke seal with 100% movement capability while Colourseal VHE provides a high-performance, highly versatile movement joint for applications in both floors and walls. Visit the Emshield DFR/WFR CE and Colourseal VHE product pages to access all supporting technical documents.


BS 476 Part 20 and EN 1366-4 Compliant Fire-Rated Expansion Joints

BSI is the UK-based British Standards Institute.

CEN is the European Committee for standardization.  Each are independent and impartial research, testing, organizations that establish standards for the building industry.

BS 476 Part 20 Compliant Fire Rating

Using the extensive data compiled from multiple UL 2079 tests on EMSEAL’s EMSHIELD DFR2 and WFR2 and SJS-FR fire-rated expansion joints for walls and floors, Underwriters Laboratories International (UK) Ltd. conducted an assessment of the fire resistance of these systems if they were tested in accordance with both BS 1476 Part 20 and EN 1366.
The resulting 3rd party report validates the fire resistance of DFR2, WFR2 and SJS-FR joint systems to the respective standards.  The report concludes:

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Click here for the full report.