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DSM System in parking structure at Meadowhall shopping centre.

Installation of DSM System installed at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

As is seen in this first-hand video, the DSM system is a simple installation that will yield a watertight trafficable seal within one hour under normal conditions.

DSM has been installed in hundreds of locations throughout the world providing a continuity of seal in decks and vehicular /pedestrian traffic surfaces. 
Levi's 49ers Stadium Expansion Joint Installation (SJS) - Seismic Expansion Joint for Stadiums

Installation of SJS System at the new construction at the NFL San Francisco 49'ers Levi Stadium.

This video shows the installation in new construction of extremely wide treads and risers. The ease of installation is shown as well as the speed by which it is installed while always maintaining watertightness and trafficability. EMSEAL's Continuity of Seal is maintained throughout the stadium's installation.

More information on the product can be found at the SJS System product information page. EMSEAL expansion joints are the product of choice in stadiums throughout the world.
EMSEAL THERMAFLEX Installation How to install winged parking expansion joint system--THERMAFLEX from EMSEAL

Installation of THERMAFLEX TCR 300 parking deck expansion joint with eEMCRETE nosing material.

This video shows how to repair an expansion joint by replacing it with a blockout-mounted, winged expansion joint encapsulated into an impact-absorbing, low-aggregate ratio nosing material. Video covers blockout prep, butt join welding, priming, installation of seal, mixing and installation of nosing.

All prep steps and welding steps are relevant to all THERMAFLEX products (TM 1.5, TM 2.5, TCR 300, TCR 400, TCR 500 and TCR 600). 
SJS SYSTEM Parking Deck Installation

This video summarizes (without sound), the basic installation steps of the SJS SYSTEM from the point that the substrates have been prepared to receive the system.

The SJS--Seismic Joint System for parking decks is a first of its kind, watertight, high-movement, sound attenuated, non-invasively-anchored trafficable expansion joint.

Ease of installation is among the SJS SYSTEM's many unique features. In contrast to predecessor multi-component rail, gutter, and plate systems, the SJS from EMSEAL installs without any hard, metal-metal, or metal-to-concrete anchors or embedments.
Link to EMSEAL video--SJS Seismic Joint System eliminates noise problem in parking deck. SJS SYSTEM Reduces Noise while Waterproofing.

Expansion Joints choices for large and seismic joint gaps in parking decks have been limited to cover plates and self-centering-bar systems. Neither of these systems is watertight. Both of these systems are noisy. The RandD goals for the SJS SYSTEM from EMSEAL were: 1) Watertight; 2) Traffic and Load Durable; 3) no invasive anchors; 4) no hard connections to concrete; for joint openings larger than 4-inches (100mm); and 5) Quiet.

This video shows a 3-year old SJS SYSTEM installation in a shopping mall. The failing and noisy self-centering bar system was replaced in phases. The result is a dramatic difference between the yet-to-be replaced older systems and the SJS seismic expansion joint system.

SJS SYSTEM Installed in the New York Met's CitiField.

This video demonstrates the ease of installation of EMSEAL's SJS SYSTEM using Custom-90-degree transitions pre-manufactured to field measurements provided by the installing contractor. This video does not cover in detail all of the installation steps for the system. Please consult your EMSEAL field technician and the complete installation instructions available on emseal.com).

The installation depicted was executed at the New York Mets, Citi Field stadium where the SJS SYSTEM was the basis of design for all the seating bowl and concourse joints.  In addition to CitiField, the SJS SYSTEM and SJS-FP SYSTEM have been installed on new construction projects at the New Yankees Stadium, the new Meadowlands (NY Jets/Giants) stadiums, the new Minnesota Twins stadium. 

UL/ULC Fire-Rated Expansion Joints for Walls.

The EMSHIELD family of products from EMSEAL are breakthrough innovations that incorporate multiple joint filler functions into single product units.  The first two models DFR2 (Deck, Fire-Rated, 2-hours) and WFR2 (Wall, Fire-Rated, 2 hours) are both watertight AND fire-rated and have been tested to the rigors of UL/ULC 2079.  The test is similar for decks and walls as depicted in this video except that for decks the test does not have a hose-stream component.


Easy To Use web-conferencing tool used by EMSEAL personnel.

Using the GoToMeeting web conference tool, EMSEAL staff and representatives are easily able to run remote web-based conferences and discussions. Staff can easily hold on-the-fly or scheduled presentations, perform live demos and collaborate on documents in real time. Both EMSEAL and the client see the same computer screen and can mark-up or point to areas of the screen while talking.

This video is an example of an EMSEAL Tech Support person working with a client concerning an upcoming project. They reach an understanding of the application and then an applicable EMSEAL product is offered to fit the construction. The client is able to continually ask EMSEAL specific questions and see the feedback and results on-screen. Simply ask your EMSEAL rep to schedule a GoToMeeting.

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