Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants


COLORSEAL Headlines in Expansion Joints at Living Arts Performance Center

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Mississauga, Ontario:  Completed in 1998, the Living Arts Performance Center has hosted many of the performing worlds hottest acts.  

The performance of its opening sealant act, on the other hand, was far from successful. 

Colorseal Fine Caulk Fail notated.JPG (48276 bytes) 20 mm ( 3/4-inch) expansion joints in the facade panels as well as 50mm (2-inch) joints in masonry were originally sealed with liquid-sealant and backer rod. 

This solution to waterproofing the joints proved quickly to be ineffective as adhesive failures developed in the sealant.

Starting with the larger joints first, a remedy was found in a hybrid sealant.  The combination of factory-applied, low-modulus silicone to a backing of acrylic-impregnated, self-expanding, foam sealant is the basis of EMSEAL's COLORSEAL, SEISMIC COLORSEAL, and HORIZONTAL COLORSEAL materials.

skyview.jpg (298996 bytes) Unlike field-applied liquid sealants, these hybrids feature a bellows of silicone sealant that is virtually free of tensile stresses--either in the sealant itself or at the bondline.  This means that as the joint-gap opens and closes, the bellows simply folds and unfolds and long-term watertight performance is assured.


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