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QuietJoint®  Mass-Loaded Acoustic Partition Closure

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QuietJoint SHG installed between window glass and end
of wall partition. The third silicone side faces the glass. The inset Sandstone color of this sample was chosen deliberately to contrast with the surrounding substrate colors. A short piece of QuietJoint was used for illustration purposes.

• Mass-loaded acoustic seal (STC-53, OITC-38, ASTM E-90)
• Fire-resistant
(Smoke and Flame Spread Class A, ASTM E-84-12)
Insulates (R-value 2.85/in depth, ASTM C-518-04)
Sound attenuating
• Non-metallic
• Rapid installation--new or retrofit
 Non-invasive anchoring
 Aesthetically and practically versatile
• Easily handles curves
• Helps control HVAC balance between rooms

• End of partition to window
(SHG 3-sided coating)
• End of partition to mullion (SHH 2-sided coating)
• End of partition to wall
• Head of wall
• To block any flanking path
• To fill construction-created voids and gaps

Standard Sizes
1" (25mm) to 6" (150mm)

 26 Standard COLORS
 Custom Colors

 Color-switching can be used with QuietJoint to coordinate with bands of color in a wall's color scheme.

QuietJoint SHG, two-sided, sound attenuating joint filler from EMSEAL.

QuietJoint SHG, three-sided acoustic seal for glass from EMSEAL

  Product Description
QuietJoint is a Sound, draft, heat, cold, and dust blocking acoustic partition closure and joint filler for interior, non-moving joints and gaps.

It is a non-mechanical, high-STC (Sound Transmission Class), non-invasively anchored closure that quickly and easily mates partitions to windows, mullions, or stud walls.

QuietJoint blocks sound transmission between rooms.

It is colorized, versatile, and ideally suited as a closure for gaps between the ends of permanent, semi-permanent, or movable partitions, window-wall, curtain-wall, head-of-wall and other conditions.

QuietJoint features a mass-loaded fire-resistant foam core coated with commercial-grade silicone. The foam core is a custom-density open-cell foam infused with a fire-resistant, acrylic-based mass-loading agent.










QuietJoint SHH installed between the end
of a wall partition and an intersecting solid wall.

QuietJoint SHH installed between the end
of a wall partition and window mullion.


Material Configuration

QuietJoint comes coated on either 2 sides (SHH) or 3 sides (SHG).

SHH (two-sided silicone) is ideal for gaps between opaque or solid partitions, walls or mullions.

SHG (three-sided silicone) is typically used to fill gaps between the glass of curtainwall or windows on one side and solid substrates on the other. The third coating aesthetically covers the foam core so that the foam is not visible from the outside through the glass.

QuietJoint is supplied in full-story, 10-foot (3-meter) lengths, and is shipped in loosely laid coils inside a cardboard box. .

Being careful not to stretch it, the material is laid out and cut to the desired length.

Quietjoint is positioned over the joint opening and squeezed by hand to ease it into the joint.

The silicone coating folds at its edges to absorb slight variations in substrates while maintaining a smooth appearance.

Once in desired location, a plastic putty knife is used to tuck the edges of the silicone against the substrates to remove any wrinkles.

The internal backpressure of the material mates it to the mullion or other joint faces.

Insulation Value
QuietJoint helps to control HVAC balance and energy loss between rooms

The R-value of QuietJoint foam is R-2.848/inch of depth.

Depending on the joint size and related depth, the R-value of the material will be:

Material R-Value
(installed one side of joint)
(installed both sides of joint)
1" to 4.75" with 2" depth
(25mm to 120mm with 50mm depth)
5.696 11.39+*
5" to 6" wide with 3-inch depth
(125mm to 150mm with 75mm depth)
8.544 17.088+*

*Assumes installation from both sides of the wall thereby doubling the R-value. The inclusion of an air gap between the two pieces of QuietJoint will add additional insulation, effectively more than doubling the R-value.

Independent laboratory tested to ASTM C518-04 "Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus". 

Click here for the independent laboratory test report* (.pdf)
*QuietJoint testing designation as SSD-50-60-02


Material Selection and Sizing:    

SHH (two-sided silicone):


SHG (three-sided silicone):

QuietJoint is available in 1/4-inch (6mm) increments for field-measured joint openings in widths from 1" (25mm) up to 6-inches (150mm) with depths according to the following chart:

Joint Width Depth of Seal Length
1 - 4.75" (25 - 120mm) 2" (50mm) 10-ft (3 meters)
5 - 6" (125 - 150mm) 3" (75mm)

Sound Attenuation
Independent laboratory tested to control passage of air-borne sound.

- 2" (50mm) standard depth
- one side of wall only

- 2"
(50mm) standard depth
- both sides of wall
STC 53


*when tested in a STC 56
(OITC 38) wall
STC 72


*when tested in a STC 72 (OITC 61) wall

Independent laboratory tested to ASTM E90-09, "Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements".

Click here for the ONE SIDE independent laboratory test report* (.pdf)

Click here for the TWO SIDES independent laboratory test report* (.pdf)

*QuietJoint testing designation is SSD-50-60-02

Performance Limitations:
Over compressing QuietJoint can result in backpressure that could exceed the ability of certain substrates to resist this pressure. User is assumed to have tested all applications to ensure suitability for use.

With SHG the coating can be the same color on all three faces or different on each face to coordinate with wall coverings. (Note: color transitions between different colored faces may blur).

Not intended for use in moving joints. Not trafficable. For watertight, moving structural joint gaps see EMSEAL Product and Application Index.

Availability and Price
 QuietJoint is available for shipment internationally. 
 Prices are available from local representatives and/or directly from the manufacturer. 
 The product range is continually being updated, and accordingly EMSEAL® reserves the right to modify or withdraw any 
   product without prior notice.


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