Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

EMSHIELD SecuritySeal® SSW2 for Walls
Single-Unit, Fire-Rated Expansion Joint System Designed to Resist Vandalism


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Pick Resistant
Tamper Resistant
2-hour Fire-Rated, UL & ULC Listed
Sound Dampening
Hurricane Resistant
Air Barrier Compliant
Non-Invasive Anchoring
 Installs rapidly in new or retrofit conditions
Energy Efficient
• One product, one install does it all

Prisons, hospitals, detention centers, Psychiatric facilities,
Schools, daycare centers, etc.
Anywhere vandalism is a primary concern

UL 2079 For Concrete, Masonry and Gypsum Walls
Can be used alone or behind any joint covers
• Interior walls
• Exterior walls
• Suitable to all building types
• Stadiums and arenas
• Hospitals
• Military facilities
• Schools, colleges, and universities
• Airports
 Manufacturing, etc.

Standard Sizes
1/2" to 6" (12 - 150mm)
Note: Sizes under 1 1/2" (40mm) are manufactured with a single bellows. Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows.

Product Depth for all sizes is 4-inches (100mm)

Movement Capability
• Total 100% (+50% and -50%) of nominal supplied size.

• Tru-White, Limestone

Security-Designed Expansion System
2-Hour Fire-Rated Expansion Joint for Interior and Exterior Walls

SecuritySeal is a pick-resistant, watertight, 2-hour fire-rated, expansion joint for locations requiring a hardened tamper-resistant surface. Institutional walls such as those found in prisons, detention centers, medical and psychiatric hospitals, school facilities and day-care centers are some of the many venues where SecuritySeal is the perfect choice.

The system is comprised of fire-retardant-impregnated foam which is factory pre-coated on both facing sides with an intumescent fire-proofing material. Each side then receives a top coat of waterproof, tamper resistant polyurethane. The system is supplied compressed smaller than the width of the joint gap. The precompressed foam is installed into the joint against field applied epoxy.  A field-injected polyurethane sealant band seals the bellows to the substrate at weather-facing installation surfaces (the sealant bands are optional where exposure to water is not expected). Joins between each stick are executed using a field-applied polyurethane sealant at the bellows' edge of the join and intumescent caulking on the foam face.

SecuritySeal functions as a watertight primary seal with movement capabilities of +/- 50% (100% total) available in widths for gaps ranging from 1-inch to 6-inches (25mm - 150mm). It is designed to be used in both retrofit and new structural expansion joints and in all other openings in vertical-plane applications

Secure Pick-Resistant Seal - The outer watertight layer is made of a hardened flexible polyurethane which resists deterioration and destruction from picking.

Fire-Rated - It has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the rigors of UL 2079. As a single unit 2-hour fire-rated expansion joint it eliminates the need for additional fire stops at the joint gap thereby eliminating the need for multiple products to perform the roles of sealing, bridging and fire-rating joints

Where UL tested listings do not meet your specific project conditions ask EMSEAL for an engineered judgment

STC 62 / OITC 52 

Sound Suppression - A single-sided installation of standard 4-inch SecuritySeal yields a tested Sound Transmission Class rating of STC-62* in a STC 68 wall. It also receives an Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class rating of OITC 52. (*for comparison purposes a dual-sheetrock US domestic wall averages an STC 33 rating; STC-62 is almost 90% quieter than such a wall. Even a  high-density concrete wall will only range from STC 40 to STC 50.)

Watertight - All EMSEAL preformed-sealant expansion joint systems are manufactured to be "watertight by design". The acrylic-impregnated open-cell foam is factory pre-coated with water-resistant polyurethane which acts as the primary waterproof seal.

Non-Invasive Anchoring — There are no hard metal-to-substrate connections with SecuritySeal such as embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails, flanges or coverplates.

The system is locked to the joint faces by means of 1) the backpressure of the foam; 2) epoxy adhesive, and 3) the injected sealant bands at the joint face. This method of single-unit installation accommodates installation at later construction stages where access, positioning or the existing infrastructure may interfere.

Joint-Size Variation —SecuritySeal features the ability to handle variations in joint size through size-switching.

Energy Efficiency -- EMSEAL's foam technology also acts as an efficient air and thermal barrier. This means that indoor air quality and HVAC balance can be controlled while insulating the interior space from hot and cold exterior conditions. The non-metallic, non-invasive anchoring means that with SecuritySeal there are no thermal breaks introduced at structural or other joint openings.  

For joints from 1/2 to 6-inches (12-150mm) where +50% and -50% (total 100%) of nominal material size joint movement is expected.

Twice the Movement of Pick-Resistant Liquid Sealants

Liquid sealants offered for security applications achieve their tamper resistance primarily  from their hardness. Hardness restricts movement. In general pick resistant liquid sealants in traditional "caulk and backer rod" configuration have movement capability of +/- 12.5% or 25% total.

Because of the bellows configuration of SecuritySeal, the tamper-resistant polyurethane sealant is not stretched or compressed as in typical field-applied installations. Instead, the bellows folds and unfolds with joint movement. This results in the ability to offer a full 50% total movement capability thereby extending the use of tamper-resistant sealant technology to structural movement joints or other building component connections exposed to temperature changes.

Life-Safety Construction

Behind the pick-resistant outer surface is a fire-retardant-impregnated foam which is factory pre-coated on both inside and outside sides with an intumescent fire-proofing material. Each side is then coated with a polyurethane coating. The resulting composite is then factory compressed to less than its nominal size for installation into structural or other openings. 

Because EMSHIELD SecuritySeal is coated on both sides it is an effective fire-barrier from either side in interior demising walls or partitions.  Installed in exterior joints SecuritySeal can help to prevent wrap-around fires that exit the building through joint openings, wrap around the outside of the building and reenter the building through the joint at the next floor level.

EMSHIELD SecuritySeal provides a pick-resistant, watertight, clean handling, UV stable, non-staining, low-temperature-flexible, high-temperature-stable, watertight, energy-efficient and fire-rated joint seal in a single installation process.

Product Description
EMSHIELD SecuritySeal features a dual-sided polyurethane sealing surface adhered to a fire-retardant impregnated foam backing and an intumescent bellows. Both sides of the expansion joint are waterproof and fire-rated.

The polyurethane faces of EMSHIELD SecuritySeal are available in a choice of Tru-White and Limestone. Sealed sides can be same or different colors.

The system is installed into epoxy adhesive field-applied to the joint faces.  A field-injected polyurethane sealant band seals the bellows to the substrate. Joins between each stick are executed using a field-applied polyurethane sealant band at the join and an intumescent sealant coating over the remaining foam at the adjoining faces.                 

Figure 1: EMSHIELD SecuritySeal in Typical Wall-to-Wall Installation
                 Multiple Bellows (1 3/4-inch to 6-inch -- 45mm to 150mm)


Figure 2: EMSHIELD SecuritySeal in Fireproof Block Installation

Figure 3: EMSHIELD SecuritySeal in Wall-to-Corner Block Installation

Figure 4: EMSHIELD SecuritySeal in Typical Wall-to-Wall Installation
                 Single Bellow (1/2-inch to 1 1/2-inch -- 12mm to 50mm)

Factory-Fabricated Transitions

Universal-90 Upturn Transition

Universal-90 Flipped-Over as Downturn Transition

Universal 90's

(US Patent 9,200,437
Patent Pending)

U-90's are factory-made transition pieces that ensure continuity-of-seal where expansion joints change plane or direction.

SecuritySeal SSW2 is manufactured in straight-run sticks which can be joined in the field to EMSEAL’s patented and patent-pending "Universal-90" transitions.

These factory-fabricated single-piece 90-degree units have a 12-inch long leg and a 6-inch vertical piece on each side of the elbow. Universal-90 transition are symmetrically coated on both faces allowing them to be installed as an inside corner or as an outside corner.

In addition to guaranteeing watertightness, EMSEAL’s "Universal-90's" allow for much faster and secure installation by eliminating field cutting or notching and bending, at angles.

Consult EMSEAL.

(More on Universal-90's



Movement Capability:
+50%, -50% (100% total) of nominal material size.

Standard sizes from:
1/2" to 6" (12-150mm)

Depth of Seal for all sizes:
4" (100mm).  Note: Typical Thickness of concrete for 2-hour rating = 4"

For sizes from 1/2 to 6" (45 - 150mm).

Note: Sizes under 1 1/2" (40mm) are manufactured with a single bellows. Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows

Substrates must be solid, sound, parallel and plumb.

Note: Overall fire-rating of a wall assembly is dependent on the fire-rated characteristics of the supporting and adjacent wall design by others.

Supplied Product  Nominal Material Size Depth of
Length Code ( = Joint Size at Mean T) Seal
6.56 LF (2M) SSW2-0050 1/2"  (12mm) 4" (100mm)
Stick SSW2-0065 5/8"  (15mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0075 3/4"  (20mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0100 1"  (25mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0125 1 1/4" (30mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0150 1 1/2" (40mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0175 1 3/4" (45mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0200 2" (50mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0225 2 1/4" (55mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0250 2 1/2" (60mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0275 2 3/4" (70mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0300 3" (75mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0325 3 1/4" (80mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0350 3 1/2" (90mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0375 3 3/4" (95mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0400 4" (100mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0425 4 1/4" (105mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0450 4 1/2" (110mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0475 4 3/4" (120mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0500 5" (125mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0525 5 1/4" (130mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0550 51/2" (135mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0575 5 3/4" (145mm) 4" (100mm)
SSW2-0600 6" (150mm) 4" (100mm)

Standard colors are Tru-White and Limestone.

Testing and Standards

Only UL 2079 tests expansion joint movement (cycling expansion and contraction) during fire-rating testing. This is crucial because expansion joints move. Non-UL tests do not combine movement cycling and fire blocking --- therefore do not adequately test the integrity of the expansion joint in simulated real world conditions. Demand UL/ULC UL 2079 testing and certification in any life-safety application where an expansion joint needs to be fire-rated.

SecuritySeal has been tested and certified under UL 2079. UL 2079, like ASTM E1966, was developed to encompass the fire testing of ASTM E119 and the movement cycling regime
of ASTM E1399.

EMSEAL’s EMSHIELD SSF2 has been tested in accordance with UL 2079 in the configuration depicted in UL Systems: #WW-D-0093; #WW-D-1083; #HW-D-0616; #HW-D-1091.

SecuritySeal meets the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399.

EMSHIELD products have been tested and meet the air leakage requirements of ASTM E283, the water penetration requirements of ASTM E331, and the air pressure maintenance requirements of ASTM E330 all at greater than hurricane force winds tested with the foam expanded to its maximum expanded size.

Design/System/Construction/Assembly Usage
This material has been tested to UL/ULC 2079 and is manufactured under UL’s Follow-Up Service. The material is being supplied as a fire-rated component of a wall or floor assembly. It has been tested to UL 2079 in assemblies as depicted in EMSEAL’s various listings in the UL Online Certifications Directory. Use of this material in assembly configurations other than depicted in the named UL listings will not encumber or lower the resistance of the deck or wall assembly but is done so at the designers’ discretion and responsibility for designing substrates as part of a fire rated assembly that meet applicable standards for the project. Similarly, the published information in the UL Listings cannot always address every construction nuance encountered in the field. Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted in all cases as to the particular requirements covering the installation and use of UL Listed or Classified products or materials. Authorities Having Jurisdiction should be consulted before construction to ensure that specific adjacent substrates and assemblies are detailed and constructed to meet local fire-rating requirements.


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