Expansion Joints and Pre-Compressed Sealants

Index of Frequently Asked Questions:

As the FAQ section of emseal.com has grown, the need for this dedicated index became apparent.  By clicking on the questions you will be taken to a new window and directly to the topic in the answer list.

The FAQ section of emseal.com is continually being updated and is derived from questions asked through consultations with owners, architects, engineers, contractors, distributors and manufacturer's representatives by phone as well as received through techinfo@emseal.com.

What are the typical lead times for EMSEAL's precompressed foam products?

What are the typical lead times for EMSEAL's parking deck, plaza deck, stadium, and floor products?

Will liquid sealant primers affect BACKERSEAL?

Does BACKERSEAL contain any wax in its formulation.

Your materials are certified to be “stable” at 185 degrees F.  What do you mean by “stable”?

Your data sheet claims that the material “exerts a backpressure” and “self expands to fill the joint”—what does this mean?

What is "compression set"?

Why not use closed-cell foam as backing instead of impregnated foam?

Why does EMSEAL discourage the use of gutters under deck expansion joints?

Are your deck joints ADA compliant?

Does EMSEAL provide job specific shop drawings based on field conditions?

On your interior floor expansion joint index, what do Standard / Medium / Heavy relate to?

Does your DSM SYSTEM support high heel foot traffic?

What is the coefficient of friction on the SJS SYSTEM Coverplates?

Does the EMSHIELD DFR2 require a sealant band injected from the underside along the in tumescent bellows-to-substrate interface?

Does EMSEAL Private Label its Architectural Precompressed Sealant Products to Anyone?

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