Bridge expansion joints for new and maintenance BEJS from EMSEAL

New Bridge Expansion Joint Sealed with BEJS


Rebuilt bridge Eastbound on Interstate I-80 maintained by the Nebraska Dept. of Transportation (NEDOT)


Existing bridge with failed rubber compression seal. Yet to be rebuilt.


Typical transition of bridge expansion joint from bridge deck to parapet wall. Continuity of seal is critical in preventing salt-laden water from getting to critical structural components like columns and bearing pads below.


Bridge deck to parapet joint sealed with installation of factory-fabricated Universal 90 in EMSEAL BEJS. Note that the exposed foam at the top of the U-90 has been sealed with the field application of low-modulus silicone supplied with the joint material.


EMSEAL’s BEJS is a precompressed sealant. In this respect it is very different from the lightweight, closed-cell, EVA foams or rubber compression seals that have been tried for years in bridge expansion joint applications.

Unlike these dated technologies, BEJS does not need to be force-compressed into the joint using poles or “pogo-stick” tools.

Instead, when removed from its packaging is self-expands.  The rate of expansion is faster on hot days and slower on cool days.  This installation took place on a cool day, so several lengths of material were removed from their packaging and allowed to expand slowly to their optimal installation width.


The completed BEJS installation is ready for traffic.